The crews on these yachts are in for a really long wait to get ashore

The yacht is stuck! Photo John Smiddy Smith

The unfortunate crews of these yachts are likely to be stuck in the mud for quite a while.

They are unable to get to shore after becoming stuck at low tide in Ramsgate harbour. The crafts will not be able to get afloat until high tide which is not due until 00.35am! The green vessel is likely to get away soonest it is dug into the bank  but is not fully on.

Photo John Smiddy Smith

The yacht ended up on the mud despite visible marker buoys.

Ramsgate photographer John Smiddy Smith took these shots and said: “I could see people on board moving about freely. They’ve been there a while, a couple of hours at least, you can see their rudder mark in the mud.”