Road markings finally in place to stop drivers illegally blocking access for the RNLI Margate lifeboat

Access should now be clear Photo Margate RNLI

Road markings and ‘hatchings’ have finally been put in place on the RNLI Margate launch route at the rear of Turner Contemporary.

The action comes after the branch posted a plea to after once again having the lifesaving craft blocked in – and so, out of action – because of illegally parked cars on the route.

In their post they said: “Can we ask as many of our supporters to share this on Facebook urgently please in the hope that those responsible fully understand the potential implications of their actions.

“Once again today our all-weather lifeboat is in effect ‘off service’ due to people ignoring the signs, parking illegally and blocking our access to the sea.

“When we challenge people (usually unsuccessfully) we ask the question ‘would you park directly in front of a fire station or ambulance station blocking their vehicles in?’ Our volunteers risk their own lives to save strangers lives at sea – some members of the public seem happy to prevent this and put people’s lives at risk.”

Photo Margate RNLI

The response was a huge public outcry with many demanding signs, hatching and fines be put in place immediately.

Turner Contemporary backed the plea, urging its visitors to park in legal bays.

Ward councillor Iris Johnston also wrote to the two relevant KCC Cabinet members Matthew Balfour and Mike Hills.

KCC took action and now the road markings are in place.

RNLI Margate posted a thanks to everyone who backed their plea and revealed their original post had been shared a staggering 572,370 times.

They said: “We are pleased to report that we now have new road markings (including newly designated yellow line areas) covering our launch route from the boathouse to the harbour slipway which should hopefully solve the problem of cars blocking lifeboat access.

“ Can we thank KCC and the many others who recognised the urgency and prioritised the finding of a solution, also thanks to the contractors who worked through the night to install the markings.

“And lastly of course thanks to the many supporters here who shared our plight and particularly those who offered practical solutions personally, we are heartened by the show of support! Thank you again everyone.”