Kent Fire and Rescue is carrying out tower block safety checks in Thanet

KFRS checks at Staner Court in Ramsgate

Routine safety checks are being carried on high-rise blocks in Thanet, and Kent, following the Grenfell Tower disaster last month.

The fire at the 24 storey residential housing block in North Kensington, London, on June 14 resulted in at least 80 people dead or missing presumed dead.

Kent Fire and Rescue service is now carrying out the checks and offering safety advice.

Thanet has several tower blocks including Trove Court, Kennedy House, Brunswick Court, Harbour Tower, Invicta House, and Staner Court – managed by East Kent Housing – and Arlington House.

Trove Court has been the site of several arson attacks in the last three months. A Ramsgate mum also raised concerns over the fire alarm system at the block.


A KFRS spokesman said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is liaising closely with local authorities and partner agencies to reassure residents living in high-rise blocks of flats. Since 19 June, KFRS has been visiting buildings on Kent and Medway that are six stories or higher to carry out routine safety checks and to offer fire safety advice to residents that may have concerns.

“We are advising residents to familiarise themselves with the fire safety procedures and evacuation plan for their specific building and, where appropriate carrying out safe and well visits.

“Staner Court (Ramsgate) was visited on 30 June and we anticipate that it will take a number of weeks to complete all the visits in Kent and Medway.”


Thanet’s towerblocks do not have the “rain screen” type cladding that was used at Grenfell Tower.

A council spokesman said: “Thanet tower block cladding is External Wall Insulation not an open vented rainscreen system as installed at Grenfell Tower. It is mechanically fixed with render over.”

The authority will be carrying out a cladding review.


Anyone with concerns about safety who would like advice  can visit the KFRS website and look at the safety advice provided. Alternatively, get in touch with KFRS’s home safety contact centre by calling 0800 923 7000 or by emailing [email protected]