The giant agave in Ramsgate continues its upwards climb

The second giant agave plant to flower at the Italianate Glasshouse Photo Brian Whitehead

The giant agave at the Italianate Glasshouse in Ramsgate is continuing its upwards climb.

The plant is now showing the ‘spikes’ that will bloom before it dies.

American agave plants bloom just once in their 100-year lifespan, making the sight a rare and beautiful one.

Photo Brian Whitehead

Glasshouse custodians Phil and Janice Dadds were delighted in 2015 when one of their agaves grew so tall panels had to be removed from the glasshouse so it could reach skywards for its spectacular flowering.

It reached an amazing 27ft and was in flower throughout the Summer.

Photo Brian Whitehead

But the event had some costs – it took the couple more than a year to remove the plant and then they had to put back the panels in the glasshouse and have all the scaffolding removed.

Now it looks as though they will have to undertake all the work again because the second agave plant has started its upward climb to flower.

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