The Army bomb disposal team is back at Cliffsend

Army bomb disposal team in Cliffsend Photo Nathan Coade

The Army bomb disposal team is back at Cliffsend.

The Royal Logistics Corp Explosive Ordnance Device team from Folkestone has been dealing with wartime munitions which had been dug up during an excavation.

Controlled explosions were carried out on Thursday and Friday evenings but the team are back, as shown in these photos by Nathan Coade.

Photo Nathan Coade

The team have moved from the area initially close to the Viking Ship and are now stationed near the former Spotsman pub.

Nathan, who is at the scene, said: “They just did one controlled explosion and came back. Now they have gone back out. A second explosion has just gone off.”

A spokesman for the MoD  confirmed the previous controlled explosions were routine disposals of conventional World War Two munitions.

The MoD has been contacted for further information.