Betsy the parrot is back home – after swooping down on a school sports day!


A parrot has been reunited with her owner – after swooping down onto a parent’s shoulder at the St Joseph primary sports day today!

Cath Palmer was watching her daughter take part in the school event when Betsy the African Grey decided to land on her.

Betsy escaped from owner Nicky Mackinnon’s garden in Bromstone Road on Monday and was last sighted in a neighbour’s garden on Tuesday.

Nicky appealed through The Isle of Thanet News and social media for help in getting Betsy home.

After she had landed on Cath’s shoulder another parent took her while Cath tracked down the head teacher for permission to take Betsy indoors.

Cath said: “Lots of parents helped – especially the man who looked after her. I’m just the person she decided to land on!”

Nicky thanked Cath and everyone who has shared the appeal to find Betsy, posting on Lost Found Stolen Thanet. She said: “I’ve got her home! She’s extremely tired and hungry but surprising absolutely fine! I am eternally grateful to everyone who has searched for her and given me support this week.

“It’s just so amazing to see such wonderful people and the power of a community spirit in situations like this. Thank you all so so so so much.”

Nicky said Betsy, who has also been reunited with Nicky’s other parrot Mr Bird, is “overwhelmed” but safe and sound!