Youngsters affected by the Chernobyl disaster have enjoyed a day in Margate

The children enjoyed a day in Margate

Youngsters who are still living with the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine back in 1986 have had a day of treats in Margate.

The children, who all care for siblings or parents who were either exposed to radiation in the nuclear plant disaster or are living with conditions related to the incident, were on a respite trip to the UK.

As part of the holiday the youngsters were invited to Margate on Monday by Mayor Councillor Rosamund Dixon.

They were greeted by the Mayor, her Consort, and Trustee’s from Margate, then walked from Margate Train Station to Strokes crazy golf on the prom at Westbrook.

The day also included a walk along the seafront to the Margate Museum, and the Tudor House where curators Ian and Barry laid on snacks and water and Tudor costumes for the kids to dress up in and pretend they lived in that era.

Fun and laughter could be heard in many neighbouring streets. There was a fish and chip lunch, an ice cream dessert and then taxis out to the Hornby Visitor site, where both boys and girls enjoyed the exhibition of the model trains and Scalectrix model cars.

The children discovered the immense selections at the ‘pick’n’mix’ counters and were each treated to a mug of their favourite choices.  They then returned  to their ‘guest parents’ in Ashford and other towns.

Cllr Dixon said: “This was a day to remember both for the children as us, the Charter Trustees.”

Some 60% of today’s Ukrainian adults and children suffer with cancer, directly related to the Chernobyl incident. Experts predict there will still be health issues due to the radiation for some 200-300  years.

Cllr Dixon added: “It has been proved that the children who come to England return healthier, and live longer than those who are not chosen/able to visit us.

“The Charter Trustee’s of Margate would like to hear from any local family who might be able to offer a place for such a child in their home.

“Unfortunately, there is no financial assistance in doing this and adult family members must take a D.B.S. (enhanced) check and provide this document.”

Anyone interested in taking part in this should apply, initially in writing to:

The Clerk to the Charter Trustee’s

Room H

Margate Media Centre

11-13 King Street

Margate  CT9 1DA