A dog DNA scheme in Thanet will be launched in Ramsgate next month

The dog PSPO has been approved

Thanet District Council will launch its dog DNA registration scheme on Saturday 1 July at Government Acre, Ramsgate.

Council members and officers will spend the afternoon talking to dog walkers about the benefits of the scheme.

The council is running the three-month pilot scheme with Streetkleen and BioPet Laboratories, whose Poo Prints UK team will be on hand to take DNA samples and register the dogs on the day.

The aim is to build up a DNA database of dogs in Thanet so  the council  can crack down on those who do not clean up after their dogs, keeping streets, parks and open spaces clean for residents and visitors.

The scheme, already in use in the US, Canada, Israel and Singapore, means swabs could be taken from pets cheeks at the same time as microchipping. A  test would then link owners with dog fouling that has not been cleared up.

The pilot, which was announced in March, will help the council assess the extent of irresponsible dog ownership in Thanet and provide evidence for a review of how enforcement action can be most effective.

Areas of focus

The scheme will focus initially on those areas with the most reported complaints about dog mess and the largest amounts collected and processed by the council’s, FIDO (Faeces Intake Disposal Operation) machine. These areas are: Eastcliff and Central Harbour in Ramsgate and Margate’s, Cliftonville West and Central wards.


Owners can register their dogs through a local vet or at one of the mobile registration days which will be taking place this summer; they can also apply online to receive a testing kit to return by post.


Thanet council’s Cabinet Member for Operational Services, Cllr Suzanne Brimm said:“Dog mess is a real blight to the area and communities. Owners need to take responsibility for their pets and clean up responsibly and we want to encourage more people to work with us to help keep Thanet clean and beautiful.”

“DNA registration is not intended solely to catch those responsible for dog fouling, but also to make all owners think about other people and clean up after their pets. There are several benefits to registrations, including:

– positive proof of ownership using DNA will discourage pet theft.

– help tackle illegal puppy farms through traceability of puppies.

– improved health and wellbeing for residents and visitors through reducing uncollected dog waste in open spaces, resulting in reduced prevalence of parasitic diseases such as toxocariasis.

“Irresponsible owners who let their dogs foul and do not bag and bin it will be targeted as part of the Council’s zero tolerance campaign to raise awareness and carry out enforcement against offenders and this is just the first phase.”

For more information and to register your dog online, go to: http://www.streetkleen.co.uk/contact-us.html