A second Royal Navy bomb disposal team is heading to Ramsgate

A second South Diving Unit is heading to Ramsgate Photo Royal Navy

Another bomb disposal team from the Royal Navy’s Southern Diving Unit (SDU) is heading to Ramsgate to deal with a second World War Two German  mine off the coast.

The first team carried out a controlled explosion of a 700kg parachute mine at around 8.30am today (June 16).

But a Royal Navy spokesman has revealed a new team is being brought in after the initial unit had to spend two days actually locating the mine – and so now need the relief team

The second device is two miles off of Ramsgate.

The spokesman said: “A cordon will be put out and the ordnance device will undergo a controlled explosion by the SDU sometime in the morning.”

A parachute mine is a naval mine dropped from an aircraft by parachute. They were mostly used in the Second World War by the Luftwaffe and initially by the Royal Air Force (RAF) Bomber Command. Frequently, they were dropped on land targets.