The General Election turn out for North and South Thanet has been announced

Election count

The voting turnout for Thanet has been announced.

In South Thanet turn-out was 68.91% with 49,847 ballot papers and in North Thanet the turn-out was 66,63% with 72,651 ballot papers.

Some of the candidates have now arrived at the Winter Gardens count, including Labour’s Raushan Ara and Green’s Ed Targett.

According to Thanet council data turn out in 2015 for South Thanet was 69.85%  with  49,573  ballot papers issued and turn out for North Thanet was  66.07% with 47,226 issued.

At the 2015 General Election 30% of people did not use their vote. More people didn’t vote than voted for any one party.

The voice of young people was distinctly mute, 70% of 18-24 year-olds registered to vote but only 44% of them actually voted. This is in comparison to 76% of 65+ year olds.