Upton pupils have voted for their chosen party to win the General Election

Upton pupils have made their election choice

A pre-election poll by children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs have voted for a Labour landslide in their South Thanet constituency.

Candidate Raushan Ara received 218 votes, more than all the other candidates combined, and more than double second placed Conservative Craig Mackinlay who polled 104 votes.

As part of their ongoing education about democracy, the pupils held their election day on Tuesday, June 6, two days before the UK made its voice heard on the next government.

A child-friendly assembly with the Simple Politics team the day before had explained the various election procedures and options, including a discussion about voting for a local MP working in their area and a Prime Minister leading the country.

Voting registration forms were handed out to pupils from Year 3 to 6, and they then posted their choice in ballot boxes at polling stations around the school.

Result for the Upton South Thanet seat election 

1 – Raushan Ara, Labour, 218 votes.

2 – Craig Mackinlay, Conservative, 104 votes.

3 – Trevor Roper, Green Party, 37 votes.

4 – Jordan Williams, Lib Dem, 22 votes.

5 – Stuart Piper, UKIP, 16 votes

Head of Lower School Darci Arthur said: “We encourage our children to voice their opinions on a range of issues. It is healthy for them to think through topics that will affect their lives and it is important for them to be informed.

“Our children are growing up in a country that celebrates free choice and democracy – and the General Election is a fine example of this.

“It is good for them to be inquisitive and be involved with what is happening in their area, their country and internationally.”

This was the school’s first General Election in-house vote, although last June they went to the polls about the EU referendum.