The company that the Ramsgate Tandoori restaurant traded under has gone into liquidation

The Harbour Street restaurant remains open for business as usual, says employee and Labour PPC Raushan Ara

The Ramsgate Tandoori is open for business as usual

The company which the Ramsgate Tandoori restaurant in Harbour Street traded under has gone into liquidation.

Channel Spice Ltd entered insolvent liquidation on 28 April.

Rezaur Rahman, of 17 Harbour Street, was a director of the company.

The liquidator, appointed on April 28, is Umang Patel of BBK Partnership, Crown House, London

A statement of affairs lodged with Companies House for Channel Spice Ltd T/A Ramsgate Tandoori states that there were assets of £17,800 available for preferential creditors.

It lists HMRC as an unsecured creditor with a claim of £29,120 and shows a shortfall of  £10,856.

The documents are signed by Rezaur Rahman, husband of Labour PPC Raushan Ara Rahman.

According to Companies House documents Mrs Ara Rahman resigned as a director of the company on October 5, 2016 and the role was taken over by her husband on the same date.

Ramsgate Curry Ltd

The Ramsgate Tandoori trading name remains and is now under company Ramsgate Curry Ltd, which lists Shabuj Chowdhury, of 17 Harbour Street, as director.

The company was formed in September 2013 by Mr Chowdhury with Mr Rahman listed as secretary between November 1, 2014 and December 1, 2014.It had been dormant when the last accounts were filed in September last year.

A notice posted in the London Gazette states: “The name under which the business is to be carried on is Ramsgate Curry Limited.”

Open for business

Mrs Ara Rahman said the Tandoori would continue trading and that she was not involved with the company that had gone into administration but was “an employee of the company and landlord of the building, which is my home.”

Jonathan Johns, Manager of BBK Partnership, confirmed Channel Spices Ltd had gone into liquidation but said it was possible for the Ramsgate Tandoori name to continue to be used under Ramsgate Curry Ltd.