Ramsgate pupils hit the right note with songs in school

Warwick Eldred and Hannah Beech create songs for the kids at Newington

Children are singing their way to success at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Music teacher Warwick Eldred and deputy head teacher Hannah Beech create original singalong tunes to cover many areas of school life.

Pupils sing them in assemblies and in the classroom and are often heard singing the catchy tunes for fun in and around the school and the playground.

Mr Eldred even got a high profile, public well done in an online video message from Cockney rockers Chas n Dave when one of his Maths songs promoting times-tables was created in the duo’s musical style.

Mr Eldred and Mrs Beech began writing together when they created the official school song called A Future Bright for All with the chorus “a school that is built on celebration, ambition, achievement and aspiration.”

Mr Eldred said: “We enjoyed writing that song and have since created more that reflect life in and around our school community.”

Pupils and staff follow core values each term, with a song created to reflect topics that so far have included grit, zest, morality, curiosity and collaboration.

Mr Eldred added: “We try out the songs in music lessons. Children are our taste guides and if they hum along, then we know it will catch on.”

Mrs Beech said: “Learning through music is powerful, and our core values songs give them a strong foundation on which to explore the themes and what they mean.

“Some of the children go home so inspired and empowered that they write their own lyrics and tunes and bring them back to school for us to listen to, which is brilliant.”

Head teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Children love to sing and using this method to prompt their learning is an effective and fun way of delivering information. The core values they learn will stay with them for life and help determine their future success.”