General Election 2017: South Thanet candidates in the spotlight

General Election

In just days voters will be going to the polls to cast their ballot for the June snap election.

In Thanet there are 13 candidates vying for the two seats in the constituency.

The Isle of Thanet News asked all the candidates to tell us about their priorities for the north and south of the isle.

Here are the answers for the South Thanet candidates:

Raushan Ara, Labour Party

Restaurant owner

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

Bring employment to the area that allows people to earn a decent living

Empty buildings brought back into use to house our growing number of homeless people

Legislating to provide secure tenancies to alleviate the housing crises.

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

There are lots of small businesses in the area that provide employment. They need support to survive in what may be an economically turbulent time. A financial incentive to pay a living wage would also be a priority.

Manston and the Pleasurama sites need to be brought into productive use in a way that will provide employment and regeneration opportunities for local people.

What would you aim to do in regards to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

This is an issue that I care deeply about. It is upsetting to see so many homeless people on our streets when there are nearly 3000 empty properties in the area. These could be brought back in to use to house families and the homeless. I would also like to use ex commercial properties to provide a drop-in centre where homeless people can find support to get off the street.

The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

In line with the Labour Party Manifesto, I would like to ensure that we do not fall into the trap of playing a numbers game with immigration statistics that could further put our precious NHS at risk. We need to retain our highly skilled immigrant workers such as doctors and nurses who are the backbone of the NHS. The NHS and support services need to be properly funded. No one chooses to be ill or disabled. It is up to us as a society to look after our vulnerable members. The best way to do this is through providing the funds that the NHS needs.

At a local level, I would like to see drop-in health centres  (as campaigned for by Colin Postgate) which could help alleviate the crises in GP services and ensure everyone has access to health care when needed.

Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

Unemployment rates in South Thanet are particularly high. As already stated I would like to support the many small businesses that provide employment in South Thanet by increasing the threshold of the VAT rate that small businesses need to pay and providing support to enterprises to pay a living wage.

Our tourist industry provides many jobs. We need to promote our many beautiful beaches and amenities to increase the numbers of visitors to our towns. I am proud that during the summer months there is an event or festival in South Thanet almost every weekend. We need to promote these events.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

I am a mother to a son with special needs and have helped other families to access the support services that they need.

As a small business owner I am aware of the vital role that such enterprises play in the economy of South Thanet and also how it can be a struggle to survive in a fluctuating market.

I have experience of fund raising for homeless people and organisations such as Mencap, The Salvation Army, Scouts and Beavers and various Ramsgate events.   This experience has given me an insight into the needs and ambitions of local people.

Craig Mackinlay, Conservative Party. Member of Parliament from 2015

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

Regeneration of Ramsgate and Cliftonville remain key to the constituency. For Ramsgate this requires fresh thinking on the commercial port which will remove the threat of piecemeal industrialisation by introducing an ambitious plan for a marine leisure, education and heritage led re-zoning of this failing site.

To get Manston flying again. I support ambitious plans being put forward which will create well-paid jobs for East Kent; Manston is also strategically necessary for the country in a post-Brexit Britain.

To continue to fight for infrastructure improvements across rail and road networks to connect Thanet more directly with the South East.

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

Tourism is an obvious area that can grow as short breaks, London connectivity and using our fantastic assets are more properly realised. For too long, employment levels and salary levels have lagged behind the average for the South East. Much of my time in Parliament is spent meeting potential investors, examining business plans and unpicking the more ridiculous proposals of Thanet District Council. Reform of local government in East Kent could act as a catalyst for economic growth.

Manston as an airport could be the greatest local asset for growth that we have ever seen, infinitely preferable to the site being used for high density housing.

The best driver for local economic growth is a stable and growing national economy with the lowest possible tax burden to encourage entrepreneurship, investment and job creation. This is at the core of the Conservatives economic plans.

What would you aim to do in regards to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

The South East, with its vibrant economy and proximity to London has long been a magnet for those seeking to relocate from both within the UK and internationally. Housing supply has lagged behind demand across successive governments of all colours meaning higher prices. We need to force housebuilders with live and approved planning consents to use them or lose them and use planning powers to encourage brownfield site use first. We are seeing the potential for modular housing which can provide top quality housing faster and cheaper. We have implemented measures to encourage home ownership with ‘Help to Buy’, ‘Right to Buy’ and tax measures to dampen down the buy to let market. We recognise and value the ambition to own, but we also need to provide social housing with affordable rents, and we have delivered more affordable units in government than has been seen for a generation.

Homelessness often comes with underlying factors of mental health issues and social problems. We need to ensure that benefit entitlement is more quickly delivered and personal problems addressed quickly; this has formed a core part of the investigations I have been a part of as a member of the Work and Pensions Select Committee in Parliament.

The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

Our geographical location means that the QEQM will always be preserved as a fully-fledged regional hospital. I will fight against any proposal to change this. The country faces a problem in GP recruitment, with many GPs nationwide within sight of retirement. The proposal for a Kent Medical School are hugely welcome which may address local recruitment issues, but this will be a medium term solution. We need our NHS staff to feel valued and to increase levels of morale leading to greater retention and fewer simply quitting their careers.

The NHS has for too long been used as a political football; it is time for a grown-up cross-party debate as to how we properly resource our much loved and internationally respected Health Service. In today’s money, when the NHS was set up in 1948, the cost was £9 Bn per year. It is now £110 Bn as medical advances in procedures, equipment and pharmaceutical products expand. Throwing more money at the NHS and hoping that some will stick is not the answer, we need to improve procurement practices, use community health through pharmacies more effectively and ensure that A&E returns to being used for Accident & Emergency, not Anything & Everything.

Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

It is a fact that there are more jobs available across Kent than there are unemployed. If help is needed to connect people with a job through help towards transport costs, then this is a step I would welcome.

I pay a huge tribute to the work of East Kent College which is one of the most exceptional vocational training establishments in the country, in place to provide the bespoke training for local employers. We have a strong and growing national economy and that is being felt in Thanet, but I have found in MP surgery, at times, a lack of aspiration and can do attitude. We need to attract further high level jobs which has been shown as perfectly possible given the success of Discovery Park. It is my opinion that Manston can be a catalyst for growth, and our tourism economy has a further role to play. I am extremely positive about the prospects for South Thanet.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

Before entering Parliament I had a huge range of life experiences. I remain, nominally, a Partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, employing 30 staff in North Kent. I continue to serve as a magistrate in Kent, and was a councillor on a Kent authority for 8 years. Such a range of experiences have been invaluable in helping to deal with complex local problems of benefits, tax, housing and anti-social behaviour. This also brings business acumen to the appraisal of regeneration proposals and aids in my scrutiny of the council’s activities. Parliament is a complex place, over the last two years I have built the skills to use the institution and connect with government to the advantage of South Thanet.

Reverend Stuart Piper. United Kingdom Independence Party…UKIP

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

Two years ago Camilla Long, writing in the Sunday Times described Thanet as ‘Chernobyl-like’ and “a small nodule of erupted spleen” She said Thanet was bilious, forlorn and desolate and also described it as “a little bit of throbbing gristle”.

One of my first priorities for South Thanet is to work towards restoring the image of our area, by working with the local councils and not preferring to operate outside of them on vanity projects which at best promote false hope.

Our image is important to those of us who live and work here and also to visitors from within the UK and abroad. A collegiate approach to regeneration and development is crucial in making this happen.

Thanet has a reputation for producing senior councillors and MP’s who have brought disgrace on their office, some even going to prison. We deserve better than the kind of scandals which have dogged our development including allegations of wholesale expenses cheating which have dogged us and the government for the last two years.

A second priority for South Thanet is job creation and through gainful employment a raising of the level of pride in our area. I have worked with the Army to bring the Tigers into Thanet at Manston and am looking forward to continuing involvement, confident that local work will be available for local people.

We need to engage with apprenticeships with our local colleges and universities and try to use more local workers to fill local vacancies. I do not believe that young locals are lazy and so we do not need to bring workers in from further afield to work in our agriculture and fruit processing industries.

In the event of a resumption of aviation at Manston we need to be mindful of local work opportunities for logistics and engineering.

A third priority for South Thanet would be to work more closely with our Chambers of commerce and encourage leaders to engage as fully as possible with local councils to share their expertise and facilities for employment, tourism and business strategy for our area.

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

For too long it seems there has not been enough joined up thinking between councils and businesses, who are the wealth creators, for regeneration and development. Without credible regeneration we have only hopes and wishful thinking. We must use all the resources available to us.

These three priorities feed into the question about economic factors.

By adopting cohesive strategies, progress can be made. For the last two years our MP’s have celebrated the fact that they have cut all ties with the District Council.

It has been difficult even as the Chairman of that Council to persuade them that they were elected to work with us and not against us. I believe valuable time has been needlessly wasted whilst too much energy has been expended on political point scoring.

South Thanet demands an effective economic strategy and politicians can never be to sole instigators of that process. As your MP my job would be to encourage and where appropriate, facilitate co-operation between capable parties including arranging sessions at Westminster or locally for the sharing of strategic ideas.

What would you aim to do in regards to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

I am proud of the achievements of TDC and community groups such as Porchlight and the Gap project at Queens Road Baptist Church, of Ageless Thanet. East Kent Mencap and other groups dedicated to helping the vulnerable in our communities. Last winter saw the successful launch of the Winter Shelter programme and the work needs to be supported and developed.

We need to acknowledge the enormous amount of effort freely given by our many faith communities to the most vulnerable in our society too. For too long these efforts have been taken for granted and not even acknowledged.

As your MP I would continue to support these efforts and use my influence to assist with fund raising and other avenues of support.

The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

Our health service is buckling under the twin strains of increased demand and reduced funding. We cannot lose any of our local services, particularly if there is to be any increase in population, either by birth rate or inward migration.

I would seek to encourage Government and County Council to be properly informed about need and delivery and the best way to do that is to have meaningful dialogue with appropriate professionals who have a background in health care. We must protect our services from further reductions.

Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

I have outlined earlier a considered approach to our employment difficulties and would also want to encourage more vocational studies for the last two years of our schools system to prepare people for work. The days of a job for life are long gone. What matters is a job. That job develops work based skills and improves inner confidence and can easily lead to several changes of job during a working life as skills develop and are transferrable.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

I have served in the Military, in business and as an ordained Church Minister during my working life, which actually touches on my last point about career changes being a positive thing.  I have spent two years working with Ramsgate Town Council and have served Thanet District Council for the last two years as her Chairman. That role has enabled me to represent our area all over the South East meeting many other public servants and sharing ideas.

I look forward to serving my local community in the role of MP to enhance the work I have already been doing.

Trevor Roper, Green Party

Retired Design & Technology Teacher

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

Adequate funding for the Health Service – including QEQM, GPs, Mental Health and Social Care

New jobs and training in Thanet and Sandwich

Tackle the need for good quality housing and combat homelessness.

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

Tourism is certainly an economic asset for South Thanet,with its beaches having just been awarded Blue Flag status, the cafe culture developing around Ramsgate Harbour, the successful food, music and literary festivals in Broadstairs and Sandwich and the award-winning Ramsgate Music Hall to name but a few of our attractions! However the employment this generates is both seasonal and weather dependent – so while we do need to build on our tourism potential, and make sure we have an offer for our out of season visitors, we also need to expand our economy in other ways.

This means we need to develop the potential of the Business Parks in Thanet and the proposed employment space in Stone Hill Park. The Discovery Park in Sandwich was accorded “Enterprise Zone” status to help its development, and this same status should be extended to the whole of Thanet to encourage businesses to relocate. It is vital that Stone Hill Park and other business developments work with East Kent College and other local training and education providers to ensure that as many jobs as possible go to local people

What would you aim to do in regards to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

  • Bring back in to use the large number of empty properties available.
  • Introduce rent controls along with secure tenancies and the reinstatement of housing benefits for the under 21s.
  • Build more affordable houses, particularly socially rented homes.
  • Scrap the Bedroom Tax.
  • Reduce the number of families being moved from London Boroughs into temporary accommodation in this area.
  • Prioritise building plots which are “Land Banked” and brown field sites.

 The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

  • The NHS itself: retaining free access for all to the NHS by reversing privatisation in the Health Service.
  • GP services: properly funding them to halt closures of Surgeries and enhance the role of GP Practices to help relieve the pressure on hospitals.
  • Mental Health: improving services available, particularly for the young.
  • Social Care and Health Care: establishing greater integration.

It needs to be recognised that the only way to improve the Health Service is to adequately fund it.

Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

Further education and training has to be a top priority. East Kent College, the Christ Church University campuses in Broadstairs and post 16 education in schools all have a pivotal role in tackling unemployment amongst the young, and retraining unemployed people of any age. Businesses should be consulted as to their needs in order for appropriate apprenticeships to be established.  Young people need support financially by restoring the Education Maintenance Grant and scrapping Student Loans. This would encourage students from poorer families in particular to remain in education, with a view to gaining higher level skills for transference in to the workplace.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

I am well acquainted with different working environments and employer needs, having worked in industry for 7 years as a Design and Development Engineer in parts of the motorcycle industry, and supported young people on work placements over many years.

I moved from industry into teaching and taught for 30 years, working in a variety of schools from an inner city Secondary Modern School through comprehensives to Clarendon House Grammar School in Ramsgate, where I was Head of Design and Technology for 18 years. Working within a practical, problem-solving, subject area, I have encouraged young people to develop skills and knowledge which are directly transferable to a range of roles in the workplace.  I regularly encounter ex-pupils who are now successfully applying this learning within the community.

My subject area also inspired my belief that the local environment is responsible for ensuring a high quality way of life for all residents, and has given me a keen interest in planning of local transport, construction and renewable energy to meet these objectives.

I believe I have problem-solving, negotiation and people skills, developed in previous roles as a Union Representative in two schools and as a Parent and Teacher Governor. I believe this has given me a reputation for standing up for my beliefs and for the rights of others, for seeking out and analysing evidence and transforming outcomes into successful solutions.  These are qualities which I perceive as being indispensable to the role of MP and which I hope would be welcomed by the community of South Thanet.

Pastor Faith Fisher Christian Peoples Alliance

Grandmother of four, Retired from nursing and has a heart for people.

I am committed to equality.  My heart’s desire is to see the homeless off the streets

Nobody should be left on the streets. And I am committed to the care and support of our older

members in the community also.  And to preserving our NHS.

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

Definitely the NHS and to keep our local hospital in focus and fully operational in Margate.

Pulling back the funding for the NHS and Pensions from what is being spent on Trident – although we need a defence system we need a peaceful one. Disarming Trident and replacing it with a Technology can play the biggest part in stabilising peace by providing a defence system for the UK that will knock out missiles.

NHS will benefit from the £485m clawed back from Pakistan aid and would yet allow the UK to continue its aid funding.

Abortion is simply wrong.  Abortion is killing 186,000 babies a year and is also partly funded by the government.

Housing the homeless is a priority.  We need to look at utilising Manston vs Westwood Cross for a most effective way to provide possible housing possibly units od reasonable proportion.  Council need to have more homes made available also.

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

I think we have those already in mention.  Better planning of them could provide a better industry for Thanet. Including jobs

£50billion spent on Trident some of which, could be reallocated for this purpose.

5% Turnover Tax to ensure equality is also an economic factor

Relocating foreign aid to where it is needed most ie refugees in crisis

Reduce the £48 billion yearly spent on marriage breakdown

Taking a closer look at children in care and where they are placed and what the morals are surrounding those placements.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

My experience is in my lifestyle and the values that have caused me to survive and have been my provision in life.

I too would like to see younger people given better opportunities when it comes to education to retrain in other areas which will befit them by increasing skill and knowledge broadening  the horizon  of employment opportunity and self-employment.

Jordan Williams, Liberal Democrat

Airline employee

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

Public Services:

Our public services – from hospitals and social care to schools, police, fire service – are all in crisis through lack of funding.  Fixing this has to be a number one priority for the country and for Thanet.  We simply cannot have another five years of cuts. South Thanet is suffering badly from poor medical services with the threat of large numbers of GP’s retiring and over-stressed doctors and nurses leaving the NHS.  The Police have lost 20,000 officers countrywide in the last few years and their funding fallen by 22%.  The effects of this are plain to see.

The Tories  refuse to believe just how bad things are. We have pledged to address these issues through more funding, costed in our manifesto. I believe the pay freeze for public servants has done on far too long and should be removed, giving employees a decent pay package, backed up by proper funding.


The housing market is a mess.  Private rents are too high, the standard of social housing is low, and yet there are properties in Thanet which lie empty attracting beneficiaries from outside the area, in turn leading to lack of Council revenue.  And there is little chance of young people getting onto the housing ladder.

There are a number of ways to address this such as tightening up the rental market legislation and instituting regular checks on landlords and providing more help to buy.

A Decent Deal

The Liberal Democrats accept the result of the referendum but believe that we must have a say in the final proposal.  Too little has been said during this campaign about the very real problems confronting our country in this regard, and particularly in this region with its close proximity to Europe. Fighting for a decent deal has to be a priority – we must not give Mrs May a blank cheque to do as she pleases.  And no deal cannot be an option.

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (i.e. tourism)

Lack of jobs is a central issue in Thanet.  I would support the existing regeneration problems and encourage more. The Liberal Democrats have always campaigned for the development of Manston as an aviation hub which would bring a number of diverse and long-term employment opportunities. By contrast a housing development would increase resident numbers without providing jobs once the houses have been built and place an added strain on infrastructure and public services.

I would also fight to increase investment in further education, working with businesses large and small to ensure that we have a labour force with skill sets to meet their requirements.

What would you aim to do with regard to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

Housing issues I have set as one of my priorities as outlined above.

Regarding homelessness, it is clear that as the numbers increase, the root causes must be addressed; not only poverty in general but mental health and unemployment.  The present government’s policies have led to this growing social problem, as the gap between rich and poor increases.  This will only get worse if cuts to public services continue to have such devastating effects right across the board.  A real re-think in approach is needed if we are to have a fair society.

The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

Top priority is to fight against the downgrading of K&C hospital which would put even more pressure on the QEQM, which has already been forced to use the services of the  Red Cross in difficult times. We are supposed to be first world country and yet we except our people to accept second rate medical attention.  The doctors and nurses are doing their very best under extreme circumstances and unsurprisingly recruitment problems is only adding to the burden. More funding must be found and fast.  This is why the Lib Dems are proposing a penny in the pound tax to be ring-fenced for the NHS.

Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

Too little attention has been given to South East Kent for generations. Although there are signs of improvement, I fear that post-Brexit there may be severe funding shortfalls for regeneration.  As mentioned above, creating a real aviation hub at Manston would bring more jobs as would developing tourism still further, such as opening up Ramsgate beach.  As also outlined above, matching skills and business-needs is a priority.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

As one of the youngest candidates, I believe I have a better understanding of the problems facing today’s young people – from educational opportunities to housing, jobs and future prospects.  I believe I would bring a fresh new perspective to the issues facing Thanet today.  It’s time for a change.

We must also mention one of the biggest concerns for the future not only of our region but also the country and the world and that is the environment and the threat hanging over us all of the effects of global warming.  There is a great need for more investment in renewable energy and attention to pollution levels.  In this area, I will try and make sure that things such as the EU legislation on clean beaches and uncontaminated seas is upheld.

Tim Garbutt, Independent

Advertising and Marketing Consultant.

I describe the campaign as “Stop the Pollution. Stop the Construction. Stop the Corruption”. Time for Change

Twitter: @timg33

What are your top 3 priorities for South Thanet?

  1. Close Manston airport completely and dig up the runway – with a $1 CPO to end the SHP New Town and Parkway farce. And to clean and refill the East Kent aquifer that is under the runway.
  2. Police investigation into the removal of the Manston monitors and the pollution data with TDC and KCC.
  3. End the debacle around Pleasurama, and shoddy governance around Pavilion etc, with tax havens in main Kent projects

All of these could be put in place Minute #1 of Day #1 of Garbutt in Parliament.

These policies would end the sloth and dirt that the various parties and council administrations have allowed. TDC is one of the worst councils in UK according to the government itself(!) and Thanet has some of the highest deprivation in SE England.

And this with £BN KCC budgets, £30M – not allowing for failures – at TDC and £400k at RTC.

KCC is overly-focused on Maidstone and TDC on Margate. And we have too many and too underpaid councillors. And too many and too overpaid civil servants.

The politicians and civil servants have repeatedly failed us and these policies will begin the change with an East Kent Council as a counterweight to West Kent and Medway.

While I will ensure Climate Change – the greatest threat facing humanity – is top of the agenda in Kent. At the moment there are no Climate Change policies at all. So, that would include:

  • all public-sector buildings switching to renewable electricity
  • public buildings with solar panels
  • end plastic bag sales: Ocean Plastic and Beach clean
  • increase wonky fruit and veg and end food waste in supermarkets and schools and farms etc
  • increase recycling from 40% in Thanet – and coffe cup recycling and bottle deposit schemes
  • increase Fairtrade goods in supermarkets and shops and public sector procurement
  • measured expansion – and robust scrutiny – of Vattenfall’s Thanet windfarm with free electricity
  • tree planting and hedgerows for biodiversity eg bees and India 50M trees in one day
  • increase electric car charging points and electric buses/public sector cars/vans
  • develop graphene products at Kent University/CCU and vaccine research with Pfizer
  • expand pedestrianisation of town centres and seafront
  • while 30 minutes a week school lessons on Climate Change and Red Cross first aid and Yingluck computers would be useful

What are the most important economic factors for South Thanet and how do you aim to boost them? (ie tourism)

Improving the town centres and Discovery Park after the loss of 5,000 jobs out of 7,000 are two vital economic policies.

In many towns the public would be horrified at the loss of 5,000 jobs rather than the 50 jobs at Manston. Especially the 21st Century #STEM jobs in pharma and tech that are the future for Young Kent and Future UK.

While the decay in the town centres is plain to see after ludicrous town planning such as Westwood Cross the-out-of-town-shopping-centre-next –to the town-centres. And still the nonsense overbuild of a 4th town centre.

The continued secrecy at TDC and KCC even with FOI restricts any candidate or member of the public from being able to evaluate public sector policies.

EKFOS – EK film office and studio and JazzWat – Buddhist temple and jazz club would all create creative industries jobs.

The 2nd swimming pool: 50M Olympics and ice rink instead of £1M fire station would be part of a cohesive Regeneration of disused/derelict sites eg Develop old gasworks site and Old Police Station in Ramsgate.

What would you aim to do in regards to housing and homelessness for South Thanet?

This isn’t one of my main policies for development as Thanet has the highest number of empty homes in Kent.

And Kent has c.28k empty homes.

We need repairs and bringing back into use not more newbuild.

Hence the absurdity of SHP Manston New Town or housebuilding at Discovery Park or the Westwood 4th town Centre.

Clearly KCC has been infected with a cement culture of construction councillors and glory-protect civil servants. While the Developers Group at KCC of construction companies ensures every problem looks like a cement problem.

While the national policy of housebuilding promises – and fluff of Garden Cities -has never achieved more than c.80k new build per year.

While basic policing such as picking up the homeless from the town centres or Tent City – along with Streetdrinker Square and heroin Alley – and placing them in hostels is viable given the No Night Homeless policy already in place in London.

Either the police are overwhelmed or they can’t be bothered – and certainly funding more tech kit won’t be a substitute for the elbow grease of sustained effort.

The health service is going through transformational change. What services are priority for South Thanet and how should they be implemented?

Clearly the public have been badly-served by Kent NHS with hospitals in Special Measures, GP’s struck off for incompetence and SE Ambulance in Special Measures. And apparent asbestos deaths related to schools. And major pollution and cancer scandals.

The current NHS reviews seem to be Backoffice reorganisation for bloated salaries and pensions and not in the best interests of Public Health. Yet again there seems a wilful ignorance of the requirement for 3 hospitals in East Kent given the travel distances involved at the coast.

I will support a public-led review of NHS performance – free and excellent – on the above including Resilience and Pandemic preparedness and support the Julian Brazier East Kent Medical School in Canterbury to ensure East Kent has enough nurses and doctors And ASEAN international programmes.

As well as a Medical Commissioner and Education Commissioner to focus NHS and School efforts as with the Police Commissioner – and ensure a focus beyond pensioner health and needs.

And improve Public Health on Tobacco, Road Safety Heroin and Cocaine – an outrageous failure with the most drug deaths ever.

The Tory Dementia Tax is utterly repulsive as is ending Winter Fuel – and as foolish as foxhunting or nationalisation or a penny tax on everything – and should be revoked with a full review of Social Care for an Ageing Population.

Thanet has one of the highest unemployment rates in Kent. How would you aim to tackle this as an MP?

The above points are all viable parts of the plan and I would initially increase unemployment through P45 reform of the failing public sector.

Then focus on Youth employment and a Locate in East Kent function to boost apprenticeships and larger employers at Discovery Park. And greater coordination of schools, colleges and universities with an overhaul of wasteful Beckham Studies courses.

Unemployment would be far higher without the padding of employment courses, part-time jobs and zero hours contracts.

The missing 5,000 jobs could be replaced and increased with a further 3,000 jobs ie vaccine production for UNSDG30 eg TB and malaria nets manufacturers.

As always the Manston airport talk of 20,000 jobs is utter nonsense – and a part of the foolish belief that one sector or one project could instantly replace decades of decline.

And a tourism focus as part of the East Kent Council and Benelux etc strategies will need to be built eg Kent Orchids, Spanish Armada, Fortitude-Patton and Dunkirk Little Ships and Van Gogh.

While local banks need to pull together from bank head office cuts, with Town Commerce Groups and local lending etc.

Clearly Brexit after just a year is an utter shambles, and I am completely opposed to it and the destructive effects here in East Kent to the tourism industry, universities and schools and exports.

If you are in the 48% Remain Group then vote for me.

If you are a Tory dissatisfied with Mackinlay’s  inaction vote for me.

If you are Labour and dissatisfied then vote for me.

If you are Green or Libdem and concerned at Thanet’s invisible candidates then vote for me.

If you are under 30 then vote for me.

If you are UKIP – if they actually exist now -don’t vote for me.

And we need a vote of no confidence in Well’s TDC: promising to reopen Manston then reversing that policy within a month of being elected. Garbutt as an Independent will have the ear and support of every Party leader and Cabinet member in Westminster and Whitehall.

What experience would you bring to the role of MP?

I’ve several decades in advertising and marketing for business clients across various market sectors and regeneration projects such as Cardiff Bay and tourism clients.

And the public can see my success in my East Kent politics work so far:

  • Manston closed
  • Infratil airports in EU closed – and Rotorua NZ
  • Total petrol stations in East Kent closed
  • Margate’s Joshua French released from Congo Death Row
  • Richboro power station demolished
  • Ramsgate Gasworks demolished
  • ChinaGate cancelled
  • Bretts cement works end phase 2

As MP I will continue this work for Kent and regions such as ASEAN.

  • end Invesco UK investment in OrbitalATK USA and Textron
  • end KCC public sector pensions in Fossil Fuels and Tobacco
  • Demolish Arlington House 1960’s tower block eyesore
  • instigate Conflict Minerals Ban eg Coltan in DRC Congo in computers/phones
  • instigate G20 to achieve 0.7% GNI aid target
  • UN disarmament: nuclear/WMD and naval
  • EU arms exports ban outside of EU
  • Tobacco: over 25 and store permits
  • #Space: Kent research ie satellites and space junk
  • End Landfill: site clearance
  • End NATO 2% target: UK 2.3% and EU average 1.3%
  • Kent orchards
  • Brexit: 48% cancel

Thanet has failed. Thanet party politics has failed. Thanet’s pensioners have failed the next generations.