Mrs T: Thinking of Manchester

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I’m Jo, (Mrs T), a local girl, born in 1977. Follow me as I approach my 40th birthday. Having lived and worked in London for many years finally the draw of the sea and the more relaxed life won my heart. You can take the girl out of Thanet but the sea will never leave you!

Settled now in Margate for 10 years, and diagnosed with M.E in 2006, I  recently ditched the corporate life and concentrated on building my own business – Mrs T’s Beauty.

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Thinking of Manchester

There are times when life becomes hard to understand, it does not seem right for me to write about my life, when so many others are grieving their loved ones.

I find that in times of confusion, I turn to writing poetry as a way to process my emotions, so I share with you this week the poem I wrote in the aftermath of Manchester as I think about all the people affected and express my deepest sympathy:

Keep your eyes on me, don’t look to the light, it’s not your time, it’s not right

I’ll help you see, that we can make this a better place to be

It’s never too late, to make a new start, you see.


I promise I will make it last and in the aftermath,

The focus I need to keep me sane, and to combat the pain,

I’ll use this strength to carry on, to right the wrongs, to be strong.


Because in the grief of this tragedy, if we hold onto truth you see, we can collectively,

make the dark turn to light, for together we must fight,

for love and life and family, for peace and democracy.


I know it’s too late for you, but this is what we must do, start something new,

A solution to correct the past, that will forever last

So that your life was not in vain and so we can all live again.


Look to the future with hope and pride and as we never forget those that died,

in our hearts you will remain, to show us the way through the rain,

and as you breathe your last, I will fight  every day that I last,

to be the positivity that we need, together communally, to make a stand wholeheartedly

and honour you eternally.