A Travellers’ group is moving onto Jackey Bakers in Ramsgate

Jackey Bakers' field

A Travellers’ encampment has moved onto land in Ramsgate.

A resident took these pictures this morning of caravans at Jackey Bakers field. The group is thought to have moved onto the site on Friday (May 26).

This is at least the third encampment to set up home in Thanet in the last two months.

In April members of the travelling community took over the green in Dane Valley. A second group moved onto the green just days after the first were moved on.

An encampment was moved on from Jackey Bakers in July last year after some 15 caravans were taken onto the sports field.

The process

Council land

For council-owned land Thanet council would need to obtain a ‘direction to leave’ order from magistrates’ court.

To do this the authority has to:

  • Show that the gypsies/travellers are on the land without consent.
  • Have regard to the general health and welfare of the group and the children’s education.
  • Ensure that the Human Rights Act 1998 has been fully complied with.

The council must follow a set procedure that is based on Government guidance. This procedure includes proving ownership of the land, carrying out assessments for the health, welfare and education criteria, and assessing the impact of the encampment on its location and local neighbourhood.

Once these have been carried out the council can use this information for the service of notices and summonses to apply for a court order for eviction.

Private land

For privately-owned land the landowner can attempt to agree a leaving date with the travellers or take proceedings in the County Court under the Civil Procedures Rules 1998 to obtain a court order for their eviction as trespassers.

The landowner may be in breach of planning legislation and the Caravan Sites Act 1960 unless they have already obtained planning permission for a caravan site.

If there is no planning permission the council may take proceedings against the landowner to require removal of the illegally parked caravans.