Thanet towns are being touted as THE place to be for Londoners this Bank Holiday

Dean Spinks

Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate have made a national list of the best seaside towns near London.

The Evening Standard has picked nine beach destinations for Londoners to travel to over the Bank Holiday and enjoy the predicted 32 degree temperatures.


Photo Dean Spinks

Margate is touted as: “ The perfect example of the decaying seaside town that’s been part reclaimed by hipsters, while still retaining the kind of “gritty” spirit immortalised in song by Chaz and Dave.”

Attraction recommendations include Turner Contemporary, Dreamland, Forts Café, The Ambrette, GB Pizza and The Lifeboat. For those staying overnight the paper suggests The Reading Rooms.


Photo Brian Whitehead

Ramsgate is described as: “This maritime town is slowly offering London weekenders more than attractions specifically designed to torture holidaying school kids (boat trip to the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm, anyone?) and multiple pound shops. Live music and a burgeoning craft-beer scene could yet make it the year, or at least the summer, of the Ram.”

Attractions suggested are Ramsgate Brewery, Ramsgate Music Hall and the Micro Museum. Day trippers might be disappointed as they are also signposted to visit The Ravensgate Arms which shut last week after its licence was revoked.

For overnighters the Evening Standard recommends the Gothic Villa on AirBnB.


Photo Dan Thomsett

Broadstairs is described as a grander version of Whitstable – which also makes the list – with the guide adding: “Its pursuits are quainter than Margate’s or Southend’s: it holds a Dickens festival every year (people dress up) and a Folk Week music festival in the second week of August (people probably dress up).”

Attractions highlighted are Morellis, Wyatt & Jones, Peens and The Chapel while these wanting to stay overnight are pointed towards The Royal Albion Hotel.

Find the full list here