Ramsgate pupils brush up on climbing, scooting and boarding skills

Skateboarding and sport climbing will be part of the Olympics’ official list of sports for the 2020 Tokyo Games.

And pupils from Ramsgate Free School got their first taste of the exciting and challenging activities when they visited the Revolution skate park in Broadstairs.

Thirty Year 3 and 4 boys and girls received expert tuition from the centre’s qualified instructors Dan and Sam.

The children explored the various height sports climbing walls, including the tall wall which saw them secured to a safety harness as they clambered tens of feet into the air.

They also donned ankle, knee and wrist protective pads and safety crash hats before taking their first tentative steps exploring the centre’s skateboard nursery ramps to get a real feel of the sport.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “Revolution is a brilliant complex and the team worked hard to ensure all our pupils had a fun time where they achieved new goals.

“It was terrific for their self-confidence and team-building as well as being an introduction to two popular and expanding sports.

“The children had a fantastic time – one of the children said to me that they now aspire to climb Mount Everest after their taster session at the climbing centre. Revolution have been kind enough to give our school two free taster sessions – they feel passionately that with the inclusion of skateboarding and limbing in the 2020 Olympic games, children need exposure to these activities.

“With over 19 years’ experience they have seen thousands of children first discover, then develop, their scooting, skateboarding or climbing skills, which has literally changed their lives for the better.

“With obesity on the rise, what’s better than doing an activity that is fun and doesn’t feel like exercise? Outdoor skateparks are now found in most towns and parks situated next to the standard play equipment, and many children do not have the self-assurance or skill sets to use them correctly or safely.

“Revolution promote safe use of these ramps and offer lessons to help the children gain confidence, knowledge and skills – all whilst having fun in a controlled environment.

“Children are also more likely to skate and scoot to school if they are more confident on their equipment. The children were very grateful for the opportunity to learn how to scoot, skate and climb and I feel we should do all we can to promote skills within our community.”

Ramsgate Free School is part of the Viking Academy Trust with Upton Junior School and Chilton Primary School.