Remembering Margate’s Club Caprice – another venue gone forever

Photo Thanet Hidden History

It wasn’t very big and it wasn’t very pretty but memories of sticky carpets, ‘grab a granny’ jokes and a 6am closing time makes Margate’s Club Caprice a part of Thanet history.

The Cliff Terrace venue was the spot to grab a late night drink as far back as the 1960s. Later named Jurassic  Park by some regulars – on account of its ‘more mature’ clientele -the club ran right up until March 2016 by which point it was known as New Club Caprice.

Signing off on facebook for the last time the club posted “End of error. Thanks for all the good times we had at the club, now to be turned into flats.”

Whether it really was the end of an error, or an era, depends on your point of view but the days of dancing to the Nolans are now over.

The Thanet Hidden History page has unearthed these photos of the club’s sad end – plus we found a couple of snaps of party-goers enjoying themselves before the doors closed forever.

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