Police patrols stepped up in St Nicholas after dogging complaint and discarded ‘sex mannequins’ report

One of the bizarre 'sex mannequins' discarded close to St Nicholas

Police are investigating a bizarre complaint of DIY ‘sex’ mannequins being discarded along the Viking Trail close to St Nicholas.

The dolls are made out of women’s clothing and underwear with hoover tubing inserted into them.

They have been found in trees and discarded by the footpath at Chambers Wall.

Incidents occurred last year and have reportedly started again in recent weeks.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police is aware of concerns raised over suspicious behaviour in woodland near to St Nicholas. Officers have carried out enquiries. No arrests have been made.”

Additional police patrols

Police have also stepped up patrols in the village after an unrelated report concerning the Potten Street Road area  attracting ‘doggers’ who have been parking up near the wooded area for sex.

A witness said: “In the last six months it’s really escalated. If you drive by in the afternoon you’ll see them.”

Kent Police said: “Kent Police is looking into a report received on 4 April 2017 that an area of St Nicholas might be used for illegal activity.

Additional patrols of the area are being carried out. If residents witness anything suspicious, they are asked to report it to Kent Police immediately.”

Kent Police can be contacted on 101.