Have your say on the future for Ramsgate

Photo by Brian Whitehead

Ramsgate Town Council is launching an online survey to find out what residents think of the town and what changes they would like to see.

The Commonplace survey will be launched at the town council meeting on Wednesday 29 March.

For more information, or to have your say online, go to: https://ramsgatetown.commonplace.is

Or follow the links on Ramsgate Town Council’s Facebook page or website: www.ramsgatetown.org/

Survey forms can also be picked up at:

  • Ramsgate Visitor Information Centre, The Custom House, Harbour Parade CT11 8LP;
  • Ramsgate Library, Guildford Lawn CT11 9AY; and
  • Newington Library, Royal Harbour Academy CT12 6NB


the survey runs from 29 March to 9 May. People are asked to give their views about anywhere in the town, whether they live in Ramsgate, work or study here, or are just visiting.

The results will be used to draw up a Ramsgate Neighbourhood Plan that can be used to decide all future planning applications in town.