Morelli’s create a special St Patrick’s Day gelato

The historic Morelli’s ice cream parlour in Broadstairs is offering a special gelato to celebrate St Patrick’s Day today (March 17).

The parlour in Victoria Parade has created a Guinness gelato to kick off the weekend.

The Morelli family has been making ice cream for five generations to a trademark recipe which was introduced into the UK in 1907.

It began with Giuseppe Morelli, after emigrating from Italy, selling it from the back of his bicycle. Eventually, the bicycle was replaced by a van and the business grew and the first Morelli’s parlour opened in Broadstairs in 1932.

It was the first to serve 20 flavours of ice cream following the parlour upgrade and  expansion in 1959 and there are now parlours worldwide including in Harrods, Dubai and Monaco to name just a few sites.

Today Morelli’s Gelato is run by Bibi Morelli and is still going strong at its Broadstairs store.

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