A Westgate photographer captured a very special moment with this picture

Photo by John Horton

This fabulous photo by Westgate dad and photographer John Horton captures the exact moment the young woman broke the news to her partner that they were having a baby!

John says he was in the “right place at the right time” when he took a walk by Margate harbour yesterday and spotted the couple.

Eager to capture the pair in a photo John asked them to hold their pose – and they did.

John said: “I couldn’t resist recording them in this natural pose. I had shouted “Please don’t move – hold that pose!” which they did.

“When they came over I explained I had to capture what I considered a beautiful moment in time.

“I was greeted with ‘Thank you – can we have a copy of the picture please? You see we’re pregnant and I have just broken the news to him.’

Photo by John Horton

“What a wonderful privilege to be present at the announcement of a new forthcoming birth. I feel honoured, proud and blessed to have been there at this awesome time and spectacular announcement.

“Congratulations Sam and Mimi.”