BIRDS exhibition and performance was inspired by a lewd comment

Birds and other Stories at the 2017 Pow! Thanet festival

A day-long exhibition of stories from isle residents, 50 singers and megaphones will be used for a performance taking place in Margate after the composer was inspired by lewd remarks made in a bar.

BIRDS and Other Stories is the latest creation by Ramsgate composer and sound artist Emily Peasgood  and will be performed at the POW! Thanet 2017 festival.

The piece tackles the argument of women being referred to, treated like and sometimes pet-named  ‘birds’.

It asks are birds simply animals? Or are they sophisticated, delicate creatures? Or perhaps they are merely pests that steal dentures and packets of crisps?

And what about women? Are they sophisticated and delicate, too?

BIRDS and Other Stories will premiere at 2pm on Saturday 11 March at Turner Contemporary in Margate.

The performance will take place against the backdrop of a piece of art created by Emily and illustrator Joe Inkpen.

Through working with Joe, people from the community, and the singers who will perform the work, Emily aims to challenge and expand the arguments surrounding bird-related references and how women are viewed today.

The performance will last 15-20 minutes and the accompanying stories and artwork will be exhibited for one day only.

Emily said: My initial inspiration for this piece was a lewd comment a group of men made to me in a bar.

“I found it interesting how women are often compared to birds in writing and media but that this is rarely explored. This piece brings many viewpoints into perspective, not just women but also men. I want to look at how women are viewed in society today, not only from their own experience but from the viewpoint of the men that love and admire them”.

BIRDS and other stories is part of the POW! Thanet festival taking place from March 8-11

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