Thanet Community Transport Association shuts down after 25 years in service

The end of Thanet Community Transport Association after 25 years

A community transport organisation that provided services including dial-a-ride for elderly and disabled people to get to appointments, shopping and welfare services and transport for voluntary and charity groups has been forced to close after 25 years in business.

Thanet Community Transport Association, which also provided numerous services during the covid lockdowns, says the decision to close was made due to the financial climate.

The last day of service was on June 28 although the office remains open until tomorrow (12th July) between 9am – 4pm to answer any questions.

In a letter to members, manager Jayne Cribben said: “Thanet Community Transport Association has been running for the past 25 years, carrying many passengers over Thanet and surrounding areas.

“We are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished in these glorious years and could not be more thankful to those who have believed in us and supported us over the 25 years.

“Unfortunately, due to the current financial climate, the running of Thanet Community Transport Association has been difficult, like the rest of us in the economy. As a regrettable outcome of this, we have to shut the company down.”

It is understood that Kent Coastal Volunteers – on 01304 367898 – are trying to step in if they can.

The Kent Coast Volunteering (KCV) service helps with medical and social trips. The service can help with shopping and  appointments even if it is not local, for example to a London hospital, or to visit relatives.  There is a membership fee, a mileage cost of 45p and a small admin charge for each trip.

If you wish to book, please contact 01304 38 05 13. KCV asks that you provide 3 to 4 days notice for a new journey request, but they will always try to accommodate emergencies.


  1. Sign of the times but important for social / state health care to be suitably funded by taxing the Rich List and Serial tax avoiders like Charles and Rishi until their pips squeak

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