St Gregory’s children vote Green in school election

St Gregory's pupils held their own election

While the UK was voting for a red landslide at the polls, youngsters at St Gregory’s Catholic Primary in Margate decided to go Green in their own election.

Held as election fever gripped the UK, the school voted the Greens home with Labour coming a close second.

And the school has already pledged to consider ways to be more eco-friendly by thinking about ideas to be net zero, providing more bins to tackle litter and putting forward ideas for ‘eco warriors’ at St Gregory’s to help further develop its sustainability, recycling and environmentally-friendly ethos.

At an assembly about the General Election children discussed democracy as part of the British values and what it meant, looking at the voting system, what it meant and how the election was run.

They also looked at the main parties and their manifestos, going into detail about what each party were putting forward for the country.

Each child in the school voted. They took their ballot papers and added their cross next to the party they wanted to vote for before putting the votes into the ballot box.

The pupil council came together to collect the votes and the winning St Gregory’s vote was declared.

Pupil Council lead and Head of Upper Key Stage 2 Athanasia Papa-Adams said: “It was important for our children to have an understanding of the general election, the parties, their manifestos and have a chance to join in.

“We focus on the British values and link them to lots of our learning so it was crucial to discuss democracy and link this to the election.

“The children were passionate about joining in and having their say and now want to consider their own manifestos for our school by developing some of the ideas that they learnt about.”



  1. No surprise there knowing the political allegiances of the majority of todays teachers! Indoctrination of our children? Perish the thought that Green policies would financially cripple this country well beyond anything already happening.

    • The Green parties were championed by the Soviet Union to undermine Western economy during the Cold War. A clear victory for the USSR.
      With the German Greens closing down their nuclear plants in favour of lignite and gas Russia suffocates Germany in more than one way. For the second year in a row the export of Russian gas to Europe broke a new record. The final victory over Germany, more than 75 years after the last (long forgotten) soldiers were laid to rest…

  2. Or it could just be that modern day kids are a lot smarter and have a wider vision than previous generations of narrow minded Tories and bigots. It encourages me no end that kis now about the environment, the creature’s we share our planet with and the need to cooperate with your neighbours. Well done to these youngsters.

  3. Soviets funding the Greens? How about Putin’s Russia and their shady links to the Tories and the extreme right all across Europe, and funding Brexit to their advantage?
    I find the thought of youngsters caring about their environment and wanting a nicer, cleaner, kinder place to live than that which has been encouraged by toxic tories for most of my lifetime, rather cheering. I hope they make a better job of it than the fossil fuel burning, sewage dumping old gits of my generation.

  4. On refection, perhaps other comments have some validity, and our education system is riddled with politically correct bias. So if the tories get back into power in 2029 having merged with Reform, here’s an ideal tory school day suggestion they can have from me, for a small consultancy fee of say, 100 million, to get our youngsters on the right track again.
    9-9.30. Readin an ritin, an talkin proper, with Mr Rees-Mogg. 9.30-10. Flimflammery and buffoonery with Mr Johnson. 10-11. Maths, tax evasion and ethics (offshore trusts, selling utilities to foreign powers, backhanders, cash for questions) with Mr Hunt. 11-11.15, Tax break. 11.15-12. Austerity, Mr Osborne. 12-1. Lunch. Lobster thermidor with tory chef Antony Worrall Thompson, if still alive (chef not lobster) for the paying pupils, gruel with school caretaker and beadle Mr Secombe for the paupers. 1-1.45. Trickling down, with Ms Truss. 1.45 -2.30, Bigotry, Ms Braverman. 2.30-2.45, Tax break. 2.45-3.30, Horrible history with Mr Farage. The proud story of the British Empire, without the wokey bits about slaves, presented in his inimitable and unfathomably popular whiney and outraged manner. 3.30-4.15, PE, then sewage swimming in the school poo pool, kindly provided by Southern Water. 4.15-5 (yes it’s a long day, but hard work is the Conservative way). Straight only RSE and Procreation with Mr Johnson. If he’s finished writing his book on Churchill or having lunch with a Russian oligarch. 5 pm, home. But an extra period, learning impressive sounding but pointless Latin phrases with Mr Johnson, is available for a large political donation.

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