Rams FC manager Tony Russell ‘and management team’ depart club ‘with immediate effect’

Tony Russell leaves Rams FC after just 25 days as manager

The tenure of Ramsgate FC manager Tony Russell is over after less than a month.

Russell and assistant Joe Vines were appointed on June 10, three days after Ramsgate FC announced the club had “mutually agreed to part company with manager Ben Smith.”

During the 2023/24 season Ben had guided The Rams to the FA Cup 2nd round, a feat no other manager in the club’s history had achieved.

Today (July 5) Ramsgate FC announced the former Lewes manager and Vines had gone with ‘immediate effect.’

The club, which has had to cancel tonight’s game against Kennington FC, said: “Tony Russell and his management team have left Ramsgate Football Club with immediate effect.

“The application process for this role is now open. If you are interested in this position please e-mail [email protected]

“As a result of this tonight’s friendly vs Kennington is cancelled.”

The match was due to be played at the WW Martin stadium with a 7.30pm kick off.


  1. Probably realised how the club generates the money and decided to get away from the club quick.

    Quite a few people have distanced themselves from that club now.

    Time for them to be investigated as using kids has a smokescreen to make money.

  2. The new management got rid of half the team from last season and now they have gone with immediate effect .
    Absolute shambles .
    What is going on the club need to tell us loyal supporters asap .

  3. Supporters have the right to ask what is going on after the departure of two managers in quick succession. And the club needs to be more far more open in explaining exactly why this curious situation has arisen.

    • The fans won’t find out .
      The way things are going at the club it’s all secrets and hush hush .
      Tony Russell should be ashamed of himself comes in let’s half team go then goes himself .
      Fantastic start to pre season .
      Meant to be playing Tuesday but that’s now doubtful.
      Think it’s time for chairman to give the real reason and fast .

  4. As someone who doesn’t follow non league football I was under the impression that RFC were doing well.

    Lots of working with the community and loads of kids teams.

    Reading the few posts above it seems I’m wrong !

    • Yes it was a steady stable ship now that ship is well and truly sunk .
      Lost loads of good players like Lee Martin & Jack paxman thanks to Tony Russell and his methods and now he is out the door , no explanation why , pre season fixture last night cancelled.
      It’s a complete shambles. Supporters need to know why ????
      However only the club can tell us but people are starting to see something is seriously wrong .

  5. The Chairmen James did put out a statement last night but it appears to have disappeared .
    The statement went something like, Integrity is more important than anything within this club.

    Definition and meaning. Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles.
    A person with integrity behaves ethically and does the right thing, even behind closed doors.

    • Well if that’s what he said then the chairman needs to be honest about what is going on and the reason for another manager departure after 25 days . From what it reads there saying Tony Russell had no integrity which if is the case why did they give him the job in first place .
      Only time will tell if we are told anything but I doubt it .

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