Northdown Primary School Year 6 enjoy Kent Police HQ open day

A visit to Kent Police HQ

This week a group of enthusiastic Year 6 pupils from Northdown Primary School, Margate – who have been participating in a Police Cadet course – had an unforgettable experience at the Kent Police HQ open day in Maidstone.

The event, which was attended by schools from across the county, was an opportunity for the children to get a behind-the-scenes look at police work and engage in a variety of hands-on activities.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the thrilling police dog display. The crowd erupted in cheers as police dogs Boris, Ezra, and Wilson showcased their incredible skills. The dogs jumped over hurdles with ease and demonstrated their training by tackling pretend criminals to the ground, leaving the young audience in awe.

The children also had the chance to have their fingerprints taken and printed on certificates, a memento they took home. They toured a real custody cell and met a custody officer who explained the processes and responsibilities of managing detainees.

The event provided a great learning experience as the pupils spoke to officers from the Serious Crime Unit, gaining insights into the complexities of solving serious crimes. The students also tried their hands at CPR, learning crucial life-saving skills, and experienced the excitement of a simulated firing range using dummy weapons.

Christina Goldsmith, Northdown’s PSHE Lead, said: “The whole atmosphere at the police open day was buzzing as we joined pupils from schools all across Kent to learn more about how the police service works.

“The children loved the police dogs and watching the police order demonstration and were fascinated by the custody cell and police college itself – we saw police officers in their lessons and the Year 6s realised that learning doesn’t stop at school.”

The Police HQ Open Day not only provided an engaging and educational outing for the Year 6 pupils but also inspired many to consider future careers in the police service.

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