Police enquiries ongoing following death of teenage girl in Margate

Police are carrying out enquiries into the circumstances

Police are investigating the circumstances of the death of a teenage girl in Margate yesterday (June 29).

It is understood the 17-year-old had been at Dreamland’s Worried About Henry drum and bass event when emergency services were called.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 5.58pm on Saturday 29 June to be made aware of the death of a 17-year-old girl at the QEQM hospital in Margate.

“Enquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding the death and a report is being made for the coroner.”

A Dreamland spokesperson said: “We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of a seventeen year old woman in hospital on Saturday 29th June.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the young woman’s family and friends and we will continue to work closely with Kent Police where relevant as they investigate this tragedy further.”


  1. Stewarding is poor at Dreamland events, last years Ocean Colour Scene gig indoors was like a furnace, people being sick and they did nothing to open exit doors when the gig goers were crying out for fresh air.

    Last night apparently was awash with drugs everywhere, rumours of kids bri g stabbed with laced needles and bad batches of pills everywhere…
    It’s absolutely awful some poor kid (gold rest her soul) loses their life going to a concert, that should never happen, full stop. Dreamland are happy to take the money but the security is village hall at best.

  2. On Facebook it was said people was going around stabbing the backs of people with needles ? Don’t know how true it is and was said about the amount of people going around selling lots of drugs no doubt we will have all this again when that other stupid a-z parade starts next month or so condolences to this poor girls family

    • Where as it’s more likely that , people that had taken drugs of unknown strength and quality had bad reactions and instead of taking responsibility for their actions , trot out the i was spiked/jabbed excuse. Then because society chooses to accept the baltantly ridiculous rather than confront such things it becomes the standard excuse.
      The death of the young girl is a tragedy , but that such things happen is an inevitable consequence of people experimenting with substances that are for obvious reasons illegal. Stopping drugs getting into this sort of event/venue is pretty much impossible, unless society accepts cavity searches for all entering the premises, and even if such searches were carried out, people would just take their substance of choice before entering the event ( which would probably be more hazardous as people took a nights consumption in one go).
      A terrible waste of young life , but it’s not the first and most certainly won’t be the last.

      • My son was there and he said he’d heard people wwre being stabbed with needles. He saw the girl being taken away by medics. He said the security at the entrance was rubbish. They were checking young lads but not really properly and even frusking adults properly or checking bags properly..

        • That ultra reliable font of information “he’d heard”, try talking to casualty staff in the nhs and their views on such statements.
          It’s just about impossible to stop people bringing drugs into a venue, are you going to strip search everyone, just about no frisk is going to detect a small packet of drugs tucked into a bra for example.
          Despite lots of “reports” of needle spiking try and find a number for confirmed instances, spiking of drinks is more likely.
          The underlying problem is the drug culture in the country. The whole time we have one there’ll be instances such as this, its an inevitable consequence.

  3. Is this particular post a mobile phone version or something? It’s barely viewable on my laptop, yet everything else is.

  4. Dreamland should be closed for events, they are too loud and can be heard up in Palm Bay even. How did they get planning consent to hold events when there is no experienced security, people being beaten up again (just this week one woman taken to hospital) now this poor girl dead. What is going on in there fgs?
    Thanet Council you need to investigate and take notice of residents concerned for noise pollution and the safety of those cooped up inside with overcrowding and no quick means of escape. The HSE, Police and TDC should be taking these safety occurrences seriously and putting a limit on these type of events there as a matter of urgency.

    • You can`t keep blaming a place, we need to look at what our young people are doing, sometimes we have to take a long hard look at what we are doing and not doing.

      • Have you attended a Dreamland event? I went last year to see a group there, after 23yrs working in the entertainment industry in nightclubs & pubs even I would not go again.

        The security have no idea how to run a venue like this, drugs everywhere, I have no doubt the weapons are getting in too, no searching of people just handbags is what I saw, I could go on for hours about how poorly this place is run

        The security there is not fit of purpose, unless you know what your talking about then don’t make silly comments.

      • Here here…. ridiculous loud. Bloody DFLs importing their noise, fights, drugs and worst of all ART … 😖


  6. My daughter was at this event and drugs were being sold and given away for free, it was hugely overcrowded, so she left early,security is poor and nothing is done regarding the drug dealing. Condolences to this poor girl and her family.

  7. Really very simple, Knife scan arches at the doors along with Drug dogs walked up and down the queue. This is done at clubs up and down the country, when they are serious about keeping weapons and rugs out, but places like this know, just like with festivals, if they keep the drugs out, they would be 2/3 empty.

  8. Assume TDC grant the licences for these events ? If so, they need to get a grip asap. I’ve been to a number of gigs there and security is a joke. No proper searches, drugs being sold everywhere. Not a good look.

  9. Sounds like dreamland security isn’t up to the standard required of big’ish events.
    It’s not the first time complaints about the security at dreamland.

    Think the place needs closing ASAP until the security can prove it has the skill, resources and experience to run these events.

    Condolences to the young girls family.

  10. Condolences to her family and friends.

    until all the facts are known,dreamland can voluntary close the site or temporally stop all music events.

    • So you’d close a legal business on the back of a tragic event about which little is known and the truth likely never will? There will likely be never be any definitive proof of how the drugs were ingested ( the most likely being that they were taken willingly) the suggestion of being spiked will be spread and accepted as its the kindest explanation for the family and points the blame at faceless corporations rather than an individuals choice.
      Other examples that spring to mind , the campaign for speed restrictions in dumpton park drive rather than condemnation of the driver who killed a passenger, or the case a little while ago of the young lady that died going for a midnight swim in margate ( there was never an article on the coroners report that would have given more detail).
      The whole time society wishes to make things “nice” , there will be bad suggestions and rules that do little if anything to deal with underlying issues.
      However in respect of the licence conditions at dreamland , the way the latest restrictions went through the council and the extra days, capacity and noise levels agreed without any real local consulatation is questionable as is the length of time that licence was issues for, it should have been for 1 season only then reviewed not the the 2 seasons agreed.
      Can people prove the event was overcrowded rather than being at full capacity?

      • I think you are missing the point. You pay your money and expect the venue to be safe.
        I go to football matches and gigs you a searched before going in, you are sniffed by sniffer dogs you are scanned by a metal detector, you are watched on cctv. Does this happen at dreamland ? It’s common practice nowadays. If thus security is in place than what keeps going wrong ?

        • Not at all, the venue will have its licence conditions and input from the police etc, why is the blame on the venue and not the criminal element attending? ( in which i include those that choose to take illicit substances but don’t want to accept the responsibility if things go wrong).
          The modern concept of everything having to be perfectly safe ( but usually only if the blame can be placed at the feet of organisations) is daft when you then consider the way people behave and the things they do.

          • I think you will find the event organisers have to make a area safe ,by law ,but if you pay security staff minimum wage what else do expect,you can pay more than the minimum wage .If the crowd is say 15000, each paying £50 or so that’s a big take,and I am sure the artist does not get £500000 for playing Dreamland, the owners must be taking the money in,four shows a week , that’s why they own the place

          • The owners have a duty of care , but as to how far that duty goes and what reasonable measures they need to take are very different things.
            So far in this story there’s been a tragic loss of a young life, but no real detail, as such who knows what happened and where, or if there was anything dreamland could have done.
            As for the “needle spiking” allegations its just one of the easiest way of explaining why you have drugs in your system but you didn’t take them. So you’re trying to look into something that is very unlikely to happen and the “victim” is just telling a lie to protect their own reputation.
            Of course the business is there to make money it’s what businesses do.
            No amount of security is going to keep drugs out of such events, the searches are primarily there to dissuade the majority from trying , the criminal gangs will just find mules happy to put a condom full of pills into a body cavity to be recovered in the toilets and passed over to whoever is going to sell them.
            How would you stop that? How many people die of drug overdoses every year , or in accidents whilst under the influence? Tragic though it is this is just another such fatality. Young people experiment and take risks its part of growing up, inevitably sometimes it goes wrong.

          • It’s about time dreamland started putting the profit into the cinema and other buildings and how about building that hotel in the gap

      • Well, yes. It happened at Brixton Academy where there were fatalities. There should be an immediate review of their licence which involves the Police.

        If the security aren’t up to scratch then sack them off and get a new company in.

  11. So sad, but Thanet District Council are more than happy to grant these licenses as they then don’t have to worry about reopening the Winter Gardens. The lack of good and efficient security seems to be a recurring issue with Dreamland, maybe the police need to have a good hard look at how these events are being run.


      • You keep asking for proof of what people have told us but what proof do you have to the contrary? People inside the venue have pretty much all said the same thing, that security is rubbish, drugs are openly sold with no come backs. They can’t all be making it up.

  13. So, a young girl is dead, a young lad is in hospital seriously ill, others affected by drug misuse and all Dreamland do is express their condolences. All upcoming gigs should be cancelled until they can prove that they can safely hold these events.
    Their security is a joke and Kent police should be all over this.
    Drugs were all over the place and youngsters were being offered them for free, not knowing what they were being offered. My son was there and thankfully said no when offered drugs.
    The culprits handing them out need to be caught and delt with or they’ll be back to do it again.

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