Police discover more than 100 cannabis plants after forcing entry to Margate property

Kent Police

Kent Police discovered more than 100 cannabis plants after forcing entry to a property in Margate on Sunday (June 23).

The incident followed a reported ‘concern’ about the home in Nash Court Gardens.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “At around 9am on Sunday 23 June Kent Police officers attended Nash Court Gardens, Margate, following a reported concern relating to a residential property.

“Entry to the property was forced and more than 100 cannabis plants were found to be growing inside. They have since been seized for destruction.

“There have been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.”


    • What even people that have underlying mental health issues?, for example people that have been abused physically or mentally or are vulnerable etc and are looking for an escape from reality or memories. I’m not saying drugs are the answer, but some of these people need help and support, not criticism from other people calling them losers, or thinking they are beneath them.

    • Hope you have never taken any medicine prescribed by your doctor then, smoked, or drunk coffee or alcohol.

    • so you don’t take any medication then because that’s drugs and you never had to be put under again that’s a drug tea coffee alcohol that’s a drug too. I would much rather smoke cannabis to ease my pain and mental health. ok I don’t believe people should be growing 100 plants but I do think if it was legalised to 3 plants then there wouldn’t be has much crime you see more people fighting after drinking than you do when smoking a spliff so just legalise it and stop the hard crap that kills people I’ve yet to know cannabis to kill anyone.

    • “good old thanet , the only farmers left are the cannabis growers”

      Aye, shame brexit made the others farms commercially non viable, isn’t it?

  1. Great news at police stumbled across 100 cannabis plants however not so great that they didn’t catch anyone.

    I just wonder whether it’s not just the cannabis that smells but police’s inability to control crime in Thanet.

  2. It doesn’t matter which Thanet town you are in the smell of cannabis is rife as you walk the streets with people openly smoking it. A little unexpected result such as this will not make a difference.

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