Three day ‘Flying Quarter’ sprint event to take place at Manston airport

Vehicle sprint event at Manston airport

Three days of multi category car and motorcycle timed sprints will take place at Manston airport at a new event next week.

‘Flying Quarter’ is inspired by a 1920’s concept of achieving the highest speed possible within a quarter mile.

The vehicles will ‘roll run’ to the start line and then pick up speed along the quarter-mile track.

The event also includes a camping village, food and drink stalls, DJ and entertainment.

Organisers say: “The Flying Quarter, with the support of retired members of the Armed Forces, has come together to create an event that combines motor sports with charity. We support several organisations including Blesma, RAF Benevolence Fund as well as other charities close to our hearts such as Marie Curie.

“A percentage of proceeds will be donated in aid of these organisations as a sign of gratitude, and we hope that it will provide additional help wherever it is needed.”

Flying Quarter takes place from June 28-30, 10am to 6pm. There are a range of ticket options available from day spectator to weekend passes and camping add-ons.

Find tickets and information at


  1. I may stand corrected, but wasn’t Manston given Planning Approval only for aviation purposes? If so this should be stopped before it gets out of hand!

    • Get a life, any attraction that draws people together and is for a good cause, gets my support. You are sounding like another moaning minority.

      • In an idle moment I wondered what “Involuntary Celibates” did in their spare time, now I know! My guess is there will be a lot of fat, obese men there hoping to get lucky, Will Ms Pink be going, I think we should be told! Good luck to all you Incels, have a wonderful time>

  2. Can’t help thinking if SHP had tried to run this sort of event you would have had Webber, Coyle, Toy et al screaming their heads off “aviation only at Manston”

  3. i fully support this venture , the ramsgate sprint was a huge event and brought thousands to ramsgate , so obviously that didnt last , perhaps if they say its an arts sprint they might get more support , and probably lots of funding ? it will only do good for the area and bring people in , i say go ahead , let people enjoy themselves for a change.

    • Well Real World, I hope you and all the other Incel people get lucky at this event, you could do worse of course hooking up with Ms Pink!

  4. I see the same old airport whingers here with monotonous inevitability. Why don’t you just snuggle down in your own wet blankets and get on being miserable without bothering us with it? Might you all have interests connected to building houses by any chance??🙄🤮

    • According to the Local Plan, Manston is dedicated to aviation related activities.
      I don’t see the connection between motor sport enthusiasts raising their blood pressure and an aircraft hub.
      Other than the noise and the fumes.

    • It’s a great idea. More money and new blood to the area.
      It’s for charity or so it states
      The people who are complaining are the people that complain about everything in live.

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