Photos: Big 7 national scooter rally in Margate

Scooter rally in Margate Photo Carole Adams

Hundreds of scooterists are in Margate this weekend for the Big 7 national scooter rally.

The British Scooter Rallies event is being held at Dreamland and includes live bands, a parts fair, custom show, South Coast Pirates scooter club ride out and camping for 600 people at Palm Bay green with others booking Air BnBs.

Photo Steven Collis

The event has sponsorship from Margate Mod and Skinhead clothing store Rat Race

The National Custom Show and parts fair have been free entry at the amusement park today (June 22).

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Scooterists have also filled the seafront and area outside Dreamland.



  1. Bunch or pearly queens.
    Real men ride motorbikes like in my local The Artillery Arms not these twist and go crap.

  2. I will seek to have this event rescheduled to at least 4 months after the yearly Margate Meltdown. Not fair to be subjected to the polluting noise of small engines bring revved up in 1stt gear.

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