Ramsgate Carnival poster installation, special ale and fundraiser launch

Ramsgate Carnival parade 2023 Photo Frank Leppard

Ramsgate Carnival and Fair organisers are getting set for this year’s event and hope to make it the best  yet, with a bit of help from Carnival friends

To get the party started Great British Carnival CIC have teamed up with HOLD CIC for a poster installation sharing joy filled images of last year’s carnival including the Giants Awake and the main parade.

The poster installation is the latest in the series of  artworks Hold CIC is commissioning for Ramsgate Town Council. Ramsgate collage artist Sharon Hendy has produced a medley of images designed to showcase parades in the town.

Bev Howard from Hold CIC said: “Carnival Arts is seen as an outsider artform by the arts establishment so we are very happy to show what extraordinary moments it produces and how it brings people together. This is a great contribution to place making for Ramsgate.”

The new Ramsgate Carnival committee is over the moon with the installation and took a moment for a ‘meet the team’ photo opportunity in front of it.

Fiona Pearse, Carson Parkin Fairley, Teresa Askew, Charlotte Siver

They said: “We really hope this reminds people of how much the carnival brings to the town and if they can to make a donation to the GoFundMe, but in any case please support us on carnival weekend 27th/28th July and come to the parades and fair.”

GADDS’ Ramsgate Brewery has once again stepped in to support the carnival and has brewed another batch of Ramsgate CarnivALE, which will be on sale in town pubs in July and will be on sale on Government Acre in the Pirate Bar over the carnival weekend.

Sue Fisher, Senior brewer at GADDS’, Tristan Kirby, apprentice brewer and Teresa Askew, Chair of Ramsgate Carnival and Artistic Director at Great British Carnival  CIC.

Eddie Gadd said: “We are delighted to support Ramsgate Carnival with this crisp, English Pale Ale using UK Cascade Hops. Hats off to this year’s organising committee for the steps they are taking to reduce the environmental impact of the carnival, to use and showcase local talent and producers in the town and in Thanet and for the enormous effort they are putting to make this the best carnival yet.

“Please put your hands in your pocket and support them however best you can, whether it’s taking a stall, sticking a few quid in the GoFundMe, raising a glass of Carnivale or entering the parade itself.”

Donate at: https://gofund.me/a3f6b7ea


  1. Carnival used to be fantastic but now not so good .tge fair is so overpriced . You would think they would learn reduce tge price oer ride more people would go on so you would make more money . And what ever happened to the Firework display they used to do off a night time afterwards, they save it for broadstairs. Times changed for the profiteering tradesmen rather than family fun .

    • ”Back in the day” carnivals served a number of purposes :

      An advertising medium for local businesses, clubs, organisations etc (floats in the parade and adverts in the programme)

      An event to attract visitors to the town and for locals to turn out

      Advertising for each town throughout other Kent towns

      To raise money for local charities

      Sadly, times have changed and there are simply not enough local businesses and organisations to make it worthwhile or viable. Most of the local shops and businesses have closed. Where are all the scouts and guides and their associated bands, the brass band, the silver band, the RAF cadets and band, the army cadets and band. the sea cadets and band, the majorette troupes, the theatre groups, the pubs and night clubs – need I go on ?

  2. you are way out with your comment of profiteering tradesman. Not all are out just to make a profit.I have represented Ramsgate for Twinning in France and Belgium and Gadds Brewery have always helped with a very generous discount on Beers from Gadds taken as gifts to Chimay and Conflans and was well recieved.
    A new member of Twinning, Grosseheim in Germany also took Gadds beer back to Germany. We support each other, the only way to go !!!

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