Bromstone Primary School launches ‘Freedom Fridays’

Freedom Friday at Bromstone

Bromstone Primary School in Broadstairs has kicked off its first ‘Freedom Friday,’ launching the innovative OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) provision that transforms lunchtime into a vibrant, activity-filled experience.

The initiative aims to provide children with a wider range of play options, including water play, den building, sensory stations, trikes and scooters, role play dress-up, and outdoor art.

The school’s comprehensive restructure of lunchtime play reflects OPAL’s vision that every child should enjoy an amazing hour of high-quality play daily.

Play is a crucial element in children’s development, offering physical, social, and emotional benefits, as well as happiness no matter their age.

‘Freedom Fridays’ will run each Friday until the end of the academic year, then run daily from September.

Head of School, Emma Ribbans said: “The launch of ‘Freedom Fridays’ could not have been better. Children now have an even greater range of exciting choices at playtime, which is so important for their ongoing development. All our children loved the freedom to choose an engaging activity – we can’t wait for each day to look like this in September.

“The new play provision has been met with enthusiasm from both students and staff. By integrating diverse and engaging play options, Bromstone Primary School is setting a benchmark for how schools can enhance the daily experiences for their students.”

For further details, parents and community members are encouraged to contact the school.