Royal Harbour Academy students complete Change Makers project

Royal Harbour Academy 'Change Makers'

A group of Year 7 students from Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate have completed a transformative 6-week project known as the Change Makers, in collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University.

The initiative is aimed at empowering young people to tackle significant societal issues and finished with a grand presentation at the university.

The Change Makers project provided an opportunity for students to be creative while addressing important topics such as pollution, homophobia, climate change, litter, racism, and more. Over the six weeks, the students created an array of materials including posters, poems, comics, letters, and plaques. Their hard work and creativity will be showcased on large posters displayed around the Lower Site.

Student Holly said: “Change Makers was a brilliant opportunity. If you get the option to be a ‘Change Maker’, take it! I got to make a poem, comic, and more while also having fun! Everyone had a different issue to change.

“For example, my problem was pollution, so I made a poster, comic, and poem to make people stop. I managed to do that thanks to the helpers from Christ Church University. I was so proud of everyone who came to Change Makers.

“There was also a different school with us, so that made us talk to people we don’t know too, which made us more confident using our voices. I am so proud of our work – it has made the Change Makers better understand some of the big issues like bullying, racism, and littering and how we can help to make these things stop.”