British Army team visits students at Royal Harbour Academy

Royal Harbour Academy students put through their paces by the Army team

A British Army team has visited students in Years 9,10 and 12 at Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate to deliver a three hour interactive Leadership Challenge Programme. The event offered an unparalleled opportunity to engage in teamwork and communication activities while honing their problem-solving skills in an enjoyable and interactive setting.

Arranged by Headquarters South East in Aldershot and delivered by a team of serving personnel from the British Army’s high readiness Brigade, the team undertook a range of activities with students which included a short brief about the British Army and careers followed by a chance to try out some physical battlefield challenges then some team and challenge activities to both enhance confidence and develop skills and team work.

All the students had a great time meeting with the Army personnel. The new confidence and mental and physical resilience skills they gained from the day will undoubtedly benefit them in the future.

Student comments included: “It was very fun. The men are strict, hard work. They made me get motivated! I really enjoyed it”, “It pushed me to my physical limits” and “It was very physical, people that don’t enjoy things like this had a big shock. This was good to test yourself and even give you another idea for a job.”


  1. If Rishi Sunak has his way they will need all the help they can get before starting their National Service!

  2. The next generation of lambs to the slaughter, when the US decide to start another war in the Middle East, or the old Eastern Bloc

  3. yep they will be looking for cannon fodder again soon , probably as you say in the east . they will dress it up as a mercy mission or some other old tale. i dont think though the youngsters around thanet will be of much use – even sobered up and with a trip to rehab

    • “i dont think though the youngsters around thanet will be of much use – even sobered up and with a trip to rehab”

      Stop projecting.

  4. obvious recruitment drive is obvious. If my kid was forced to do this at school, they’d very much be kept at home that day. Imperialist indoctrination to go fight wars for big oil/big rare earth minerals is not the one.

  5. That’s the right school to start with, so much bulling swept under the carpet there for years, give some the taste of their own medicine. Hope the teachers joined in, may give them the backbone to discipline those who need it. There’s nothing wrong with joining the forces anyway, it teaches you respect, common sense, loyalty, mates for life, plus they see much more of the world while being paid,instead of knocking around the streets living on benefits!

  6. Are girls included? Girls were not called up to do National Service, in any case just what would they be trained for?

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