Nayland toilet block transformation for Duck loo cleaner campaign to stay in place for Summer

Colourful Nayland loos Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet council is considering keeping in place for the Summer a make-over of the Nayland toilets in Margate.

Manufacturers of toilet cleaner, Duck®, gave the public toilets a transformation last month as part of a ‘brand activation’ exercise.

The Nayland public toilets are in constant use – especially during the busy May bank holiday weekend. This prompted the block’s inclusion in Duck’s new ‘Breaking Boredom’ campaign, a partnership with global creator agency, Billion Dollar Boy and the SC Johnson brand.

The makeover includes colourful interiors and an eye-catching external mural, designed by artistic creator, Regan Gilflin. The transformation is designed to reflect the vibrant culture of Margate. Since the mural’s launch, it has been adopted by the council as a semi-permanent feature.

During the May bank holiday activation, the toilets were also filled with the scent of Duck’s two new, limited edition fragrances – Tropical Level-up and Garden and equipped with a ‘claw crane’ arcade game for visitors to win prizes; QR code toilet rolls to access and play Duck’s interactive, mobile-first Toilet Time Arcade game and toilet attendants appearing in toilet-themed fancy dress to bring the game to life.

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “We recently gave permission for a well-known household toilet cleaning brand to stage a takeover of the toilets at Buenos Ayres by the Eliot Shelter.

“As part of the promotional campaign the exterior of the toilet block was brightly painted by an artist. While the promo has now ended, the artwork is a bright addition to the seafront and consideration is being given to it remaining in place for the summer.”


  1. TDC will probably let it be a Permanent
    Feature ,not like the lights along Margate which was given the people of Thanet after filming finished, the lights really brighten up the sea front and people felt safe at night too .

  2. When I travel to other parts of Kent, I often have to pay to use the public loos (usually 40p, cashless). The trade-off is that they’re clean and well-maintained. Incredible that TDC doesn’t need this extra source of income!

    • I think there should be a payment for the use of the toilets towards the cost of upkeep. I’d be more than happy to pay 40p for somewhere clean. But please, not all cashless!

    • Incredible that you think people in the most deprived district in the Kent should have to pay to have a wee
      In a Tory cost-of-living crisis.

  3. The last few times I have entered these facilities I have been chatted to by extremely friendly people whose persona, towards me, is in complete contrast to that towards whoever their friend is in the cubicle, whose needle they are waiting for.

  4. ‘brand activation’ exercise.

    This is what we used to call advertising/marketing before these companies got pretentious & hired the poncy suits that love inventing meaningless buzzwords for the iPhone zero attention span generation.

  5. I forgotten ,why did TDC ,take down those lights donated by the film company ,they looked alright to me,have they got them stored away somewhere safe for future use, saying tongue in cheek

  6. they have made a lovely job of that old karsy , now wait for the clowns with thier cans of spray paint ,graffit is also a crime for which no one is ever caught and punished , despite thanet being smothered in it ?

    • Wow!!! That agree with Ms Pink!
      I never thought I’d see the day…
      She’ll be doing the sensible thing and voting for Labour instead of that dinosaur Gale next…

      • “She” may well do that (won’t be the first time I’ve voted Labour – I supported Kinnock after he said he was a Gene Vincent fan!).

  7. I have to say.. who else other than TDC would consider allowing this project, resulting in an attractive outcome, and then not retain it? The alternative would be to pay out resident’s Council Tax money in order to paint it white/cream or whatever again!

    • Either way, it is quite literally polishing a turd! It’s the inside that needs sorting, and regular cleaning.

  8. Huge thanks to real world for making me spend half an hour looking up that wonderful old slang word for toilet, karsy (or khazi, carsey, khasi etc etc). I don’t think I’ve heard it since Steptoe and Son, when Wilfred Brambell as Albert Steptoe would wrap his tongue around the word with obvious enjoyment (he was a keen connoisseur of the public lavatory in his private life I believe). The word is apparently cockney/polari slang, from the Italian “casa”, meaning home or perch, as used by our own Matthew Munson when he describes his abode as “Casa de Munson”. Anyway. I think the Nayland Rock public carseys, bogs, loos, or lavvies look lover-ly in their new livery. Arlington House next, unless Ms Pink has blown it up first of course.

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