Police and ambulance attend disturbance report in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

One person has been taken into the care of medical professionals following a report of a disturbance in Ramsgate.

Police and paramedics attended a property in Prestedge Avenue at 12.23pm today (June 1).

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a Prestedge Avenue, Ramsgate at about 12.23pm  following reports of a disturbance inside a property.

“Officers attended, along with SECAMB and one person is now in the care of medical professionals.”


  1. It is council owned property down there. You lot assume you are know it alls. Domestic abuse is on the rise and I supported a lady fleeing her abusive husband.So till you know the true facts assuming is false facts.

    • With all the new arrivals to Thanet via whatever means ,Boats ,cars ,Planes ,With the all the new builds and refurbishments is all going one way and that’s up, So thats why numbers going down!

        • Another who’s forgetting frequency illusion application…

          Just because you’re able to be permanently online, and thus see more stories of crime, doesn’t actually mean more crime is happening. IT just means you’re able to see more reported, when before being perma online, you wouldnt have.

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