Colourful parade at Chilton celebrates important life lessons

Chilton parade

A colourful, noisy and lively celebration of the importance of individuality and a sense of belonging burst into life on the playing fields at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

The boisterous outdoor parade with family and friends watching on was the highlight of a term-long learning journey called Be Here, Be You, Belong with ‘acceptance’ at its heart.

Each class designed their section of the parade to be individualised for each child and the class as a whole. They chose a song to parade to – it was an enthusiastic, energetic and colourful affirmation of the work that was delivered through the PSHE part of the curriculum and which touched all corners of school life.

Songs included : Reception – You’re My Best Friend by Queen; Year 1 – Giant (Purple Disco Machine Remix) by Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man; Year 2 – Reach For The Stars by S Club 7; Year 3 – Firework by Katy Perry; Year 4 – Ugly by Sugababes; Year 5 – The Middle by Jimmy Eat World; Year 6 –You Can’t Stop The Beat by Zac Efron.

A vibrant mix of costumes, outfits, masks, face paints and accessories stole the show as the cavalcade moved its way around the playground arena, with children using activities such as riding their scooters and bikes to show their interests, while others boogied away in tee shirts they designed themselves.

Head of School Alex McAuley said: “This was a real affirmation of individuality coupled with a very real sense of belonging. This underpins and celebrates our school values of respect, equality, courage and kindness, and it is an opportunity to reference the British Values we have explored of individual liberty and mutual respect.

“Our children across the age groups have read texts that cover topics of diversity and inclusion, and our learning helped cultivate a culture of the importance of being yourself without fear and to allow others to be themselves around you.

*Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education focuses on strengthening the knowledge, skills, and connections to keep children healthy and safe and prepare them for life and work.

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