Photos: Kent Strut charity fly-in at Manston

Fly-in event at Manston Photo Frank Leppard

A fly-in of ‘hundreds’ of light aircraft has been taking place at Manston this weekend to raise funds for Martha Trust charity, Brain Tumour Research and The RAF Manston History Museum,

The event, which is still running from 10am to 4pm today, has vehicles on display, aircraft on the taxi way and a chance to meet the pilots, charity stalls, plane spotting games for youngsters and escorted tours from the museum (£5pp).

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Entry to the museum is adults £5.50, concession £4.50, children aged 5 and above £2.50.

RAF Manston History Museum and neighbouring Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum are on Manston Road, Ramsgate.


  1. I am excited to be heading there today. It is fantastic knowing that the airport will be re opening and for now being able to see light aircraft bringing it to life.

  2. ‘Heading there’ from where, Amelia? Do you live under the planned flight path or could you just not care less about the many thousands who do?

    • Well I knew someone who lived right under the old flight route and they said you got used to it, just like living on a main road or railway. Also in Thanet we are under many flight routes for all major UK airports.The Russian made turbo props are especially noisy. Personally I’ve enjoyed seeing lots of light aircraft flying around, just like it used to be.

      • You don’t ‘get used to it’. When the planes used to fly over, so unbelievably low, the windows shook and you couldn’t hold a conversation over the engine noise. When they came over at night, everyone was woken up. Unless you experienced it you have no idea. Looking forward to either
        A – it never happening (investors?)
        B – it failing miserably. Again.

      • What about the hundreds that have brought properties when for a decade there was no airport. Your a typical nimby fed u b, use your real name chicken

        • Steve – they should have checked via their solicitor when drawing up contracts etc regarding Airport, potential building work etc? No good bleating if full disclosures not checked or obtained!

    • Get a life. The future of aviation is electric engines, hydrogen even new airships. You people seem to live in the 1960’s!

      • if the future is airships, then RSP will only need a couple of acres for them and then there are hundreds of spare acres for houses !

  3. So many people confusing lack of support for Manston, which would work perfectly a light aviation mixed use site, with lack of trust and belief in RSP’s true intentions…. !

  4. I’m all for light aircraft. Historic use etc. Like the plans Stone Hill Park proposed.

    Getting used to the old days, 2 or 3 half empty flights a day is hardly the same as a giant noxious dirty old cargo boiler coming in at 700 feet over the town every 15 minutes. Amelia if you want to spot cargo planes, try East Midlands.

    • Emmeline – please get your facts right. I have not seen or flown recently on a giant noxious dirty old cargo boiler? A bit of licence on your part describing aircraft of a bygone era which would not operate into a revived Manston or another UK airport. Try to research a subject before commenting, please.

  5. Can’t wait for the thousands of homes that will be built at birchington westgate and Garlinge in the coming decade, with the 10s of thousands of additional people, gridlock and pollution it will bring to the nimbys

  6. Fantastic day today at Manston , very very busy , only criticism is entrance prices were wrong, it’s £6 or £5 concession, but very well attended and lots to see and do .

  7. Some of these names just keep coming up time and time again. And others are recognisable by style of whinge …under yet another pseudonym. All very very boring. Anything that’s at all exuberant, exciting, fun or ambitious and there they are attempting to cast their soggy blanket over it. It seems sad that many of these anti airport moaners who also object to the Margate Meltdown belong to the Thanet ‘arty’ set. There seems to be a group of individuals who want Thanet just about arts only …Often creating useless installations that are an eyesore too (such as the silly lollipops above Ramsgate’s south cliffs). Arts used to champion freedom, sadly now the loudest mouths among them only champion a dictatorial woke social bolshevism. God forbid they determine the future of Thanet. Who in their right mind ever good think the disgusting stitch-up that was Manston Airport’s closure would be tolerated in the end …It being just a part of a diabolical plot by political and corporate cronies to create an unspeakable Milton-Keynes-on-Sea of Thanet. Well right has prevailed and may the airport go on from strength to strength (and the moaners go and find another crummy neglected backwater full of corruption if that’s what they want …where they can feel superior?)

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