Precautionary advice not to go in water at Minnis Bay remains but tests show affected area ‘not toxic’

Bathing advice signs Photo Frank Leppard

Precautionary signs remain in place at Minnis Bay to advise members of the public against entering the water and to stay above the high water mark, following the discovery of dead ragworms, lugworms and shellfish at Minnis Bay on Monday 20 May.

However, having carried out a range of tests, the Environment Agency (EA) has confirmed the material in the affected area is not toxic.

The EA is therefore removing its advice against bathing at Minnis Bay and West Bay as well as St Mildred’s Bay, Westbrook and Margate, which it had put in place previously as a precaution.

Photo Frank Leppard

Thanet District Council continues to advise against bathing at Minnis Bay due to the ongoing presence of residue from algae which has an unpleasant odour and can cause skin irritation.

Dog owners are asked to keep their dogs on a lead at all times when on the beach in this location.