Three teens arrested after reports of young people possibly carrying weapons at Dane Park

Police presence at Dane Park

Three teenagers were arrested following reports that groups of youngsters in Dane Park were possibly carrying weapons.

The arrests on May 5 came after reports of continuous anti-social behaviour and two days after a reported assault by youths at the park in Margate.

Kent Police is also reviewing a complaint against an officer that one teen was taken to the ground by an officer after being kneed in the stomach during the incident which was caught on video here

The disturbance occurred despite police putting a dispersal order in place on May 5 to run 48 hours to give officers extra powers to move people on.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Following several calls that groups of young people, some possibly in possession of weapons, were planning to meet in the Dane Park area of Margate on Sunday 5 May, Kent Police put in place a dispersal order giving officers additional powers to move on anyone causing nuisance, harassment or distress.

“This followed a report of an assault involving a group of people in the park on Friday 3 May and recurring anti-social behaviour.

“While responding to emergency calls about the behaviour of a large group of young people on 5 May, a 14-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and a 14-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

“A 15-year-old girl was also arrested on suspicion of breaching a dispersal order.

“A complaint has since been received regarding one of the arrests and this is currently being reviewed.”

The 14-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl were released pending further enquiries. The 15-year-old girl was released without charge.


  1. Agree completely, Well done Kent police. I have seen the video and the police were surrounded by a very large group of feral kids intent on causing trouble. The officer imo done the right thing. The police shouldn’t be forced to plead with suspects, they need the necessary power to confront and contain people who are intent on breaking the law.

    • Agreed.

      The youth ran at the police officer whilst another youth was being arrested. The police officer winded him with his knee and took him to the ground. No more than reasonable force was used.

      These yobs think they are entitled to do as they please with impunity.

  2. Should give the cop a medal-the usual way these days, vermin causing problems-acting like tough guys & then cry like little bitches when they get what they deserve. Backed up by the abysmal parents who let their kids run riot & looking for a payday.

  3. Great police doing there jobs. No simperthy for the kids it’s about time they were dealt with the full force of the law. Not being tort respect at an early age and no discipline they think they can do as they please and then cry when they don’t get there way. parents need to be responsible for there children’s behaviour

  4. As soon as the word Fam came out you know how it was going to go, we want normal law and order, buy a football and have a kick around whats wrong with the young of today

  5. The only inquiry needed is into the parenting skills, or lack of, shown to these feral rats.
    Well done that copper, a knee in the belly would have been the very least I would have done a few decades ago when I was a lot younger and fitter.
    More of this, please.

  6. Those creatures are a plague on society & think nothing of shoving others around & worse. They didnt get anything compared to what they like to dish out.

    • It starts at home-most of them are little yobbos by the time they start school at five & that was true in my day, can only imagine how bad they are now.

  7. I am glad to see police apprehending and restraining the youths using what appears to be measured, reasonable force. The way the officer tugs the teen’s droopy jeans up is almost caring. Adult males are vital in controlling aggressive youths but ordinary citizens fear prosecution if they lay hands on them.
    However if the police are brutal, as I believe they sometimes are, their intervention can be totally counter-productive – it’s like training kids how to be even more aggressive. But police wading in with confidence & skill sends the right message.

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