Callis Grange children explore animals and lifecycles

Meeting the animals at Quex

Year 1 children Callis Grange Infant School have been delving into science this term by investigating different types of animals, their features, and lifecycles.

Year 1 senior leader Miss Fox said: “We have been sorting animals into the right categories, exploring the scaly skin of reptiles, finding out which animals lay eggs, and deciding which type of animal we are.

“We learned that the only animals with hair or fur are mammals, so that’s what we must be.

“We visited Quex Park and saw lots of different animals from pigs and ducks to little minibeasts.

“In class, we were able to observe closely the lifecycle of a butterfly and frog and were lucky enough to see the whole lifecycle. We have then released the butterflies and frogs to start the lifecycle all again.”

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