New mayor and mayoress, deputies and Burgess of Town for Margate

Margate Mayor Jack Packman and Mayoress Karen Brinkman Photo Frank Leppard

Photos Frank Leppard

Margate’s new mayor is Dane Valley Councillor Jack Packman with  business group leader and East Kent Mind Armed Forces Connector Karen Brinkman as his mayoress.

The appointments were confirmed at the annual meeting of the Margate Charter Trustees at the town’s Baptist Church last night (May 20).

The ceremony also included announcement of new deputy mayor Cllr Katie Pope and deputy mayoress Leigh McKenzie and former mayor Roy Ovenden was made a Burgess of the Town.

Deputy mayor Katie Pope with Mayor Jack Packman Photo Frank Leppard

Cllr Packman said: “It is a privilege and an honour to have been elected last night as the mayor of our wonderful town. I am deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in me, and I am committed to serving our community with dedication and integrity.

“ I am pleased to have Karen Brinkman as my Mayoress she has worked hard supporting local veterans, females business leaders and wider communities. Karen will continue the excellent work of previous Mayoresses and has some big shoes to fill.

“Thank you to Cllr Rob Yates and Cllr John Edwards for their hard work and dedication to Margate over the last year.”

Cllr Katie Pope and deputy mayoress Leigh McKenzie Photo Frank Leppard

The new Mayor’s cadet for the year is Air Cadet Cpl Amelia Ditton.

Photo Frank Leppard

New Margate mayoress Karen Brinkman said: “I am thrilled at the opportunity to serve and support our amazing community alongside the Mayor Jack Parkman.

“For many years, I’ve been deeply involved in various initiatives, serving as a school governor at three schools, working in both corporate and charitable sectors, and championing local businesses, local theatre and causes close to my heart.

“Currently, I am dedicated to running a veterans project, facilitating support for female founders, delivering local events and coordinating volunteers for the Margate Town Action Group.

“I am truly passionate about making a positive impact in Margate, and I cannot wait to work alongside the Mayor to further enhance our town and support its residents.”

Outgoing mayor Rob Yates announced the appointment of Roy Ovenden as Burgess of the Town.

Outgoing mayor Rob Yates made community funding presentations Photo Frank Leppard

He then made a presentation of Mayor’s charity funding to:

  • Speak Up CIC
  • Bread and Roses Kent CIC
  • Newgate Gap CIC
  • Ark Cliftonville cultural space
  • Cols Kent Bike Hire CIC
  • Wilderness to Wonderland
  • Looping the loop
  • Simon Mason
  • 101 Kitchen Social

There was also a certificate for his Marine Cadet Katje Skarbarde and two diversity awards to Amy Redmond of Margate Pride and a young man currently awaiting the outcome of an asylum application who has been volunteering at The Perfect Place To Grow, worked at Mori Mori, and helped with Margate Mushrooms.

Photo Frank Leppard

He added that during his term as mayor £7,000 had been given to local good causes and he had organised the first Margate Mayor community awards as well as leading a protest against the removal of asylum-seeking men in Margate to the Bibby Stockholm barge.

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  1. Welll done rob for all the wonderful work over the last year, jack and Katie will be equally brilliant

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