RSPCA appeal for information after rat dies from being kicked and poked by Ramsgate youths

The RSPCA is appealing for information

An RSPCA Inspector is appealing for information after a rat died after being targeted by a group of young people.

The incident happened in Observatory Way around 8pm on Wednesday (15 May) – and the RSPCA is keen to find out more.

The rat – thought to be wild – was reportedly seen in a cage being poked and kicked at by a group of youths.

A resident managed to take the rat away from the children, but sadly, it died by the following morning.

RSPCA Inspector Clive Hopwood said: “We’re concerned to have received reports about young people targeting a rat in a cage in Ramsgate.

“I’m really keen to hear from the young people themselves, or from anyone who recognises their description, so I can speak to them about treating wildlife with kindness and respect and prevent behaviour like this in future.”

Security footage has shown six young people between the ages of approximately seven and fifteen years old. There were four boys, three of whom were wearing dark shorts and one who was wearing dark tracksuit bottoms; and two girls, both with long hair, one of whom was wearing a dark top, the other a red top. One of the boys and two of the girls had scooters.

The RSPCA is urging anyone with information to get in touch via the charity’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018, quoting incident number 1266450.

A stigma still surrounds rats, however, they are highly intelligent, empathetic and social creatures.


  1. Disgusting behaviour, when I was a child I would never have thought of doing such a cruel thing. But I was brought up with compassion. I fully agree with Linda’s comment.

  2. There’s still hope for the kids, don’t write them off as potential serial killers just yet. And hope for wildlife too if someone can get them to reflect on the fact that rats have nerve endings and can feel fear too. But I do realise that’s not going to be easy.

  3. Psychological studies (described in “Psychology Today” articles,and probably elsewhere) indicate that although there is a link between violence towards animals and later violence towards humans, not all of those who have been cruel to animals go on to being violent to other people. There are other factors in childhood which contribute to adult violence to humans.

  4. Since when has the RSPCA become a branch of the police? The police should enforce the law, NOT a charity!

  5. It may well go ahead, but like most ventures in Thanet it will never last. You heard it here first folks!!

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