Mum and toddler daughter face homelessness after council gives notice to quit temporary housing

Hollie says she and her daughter have nowhere to go

A 20-year-old mum says she and her young daughter will have nowhere to live because Thanet council is evicting her from temporary accommodation after deciding she made herself ‘intentionally homeless.’

Hollie Tyrrell and her daughter, who is almost two years old, have to leave the accommodation in Margate after May 26.

The termination notice says: “As your licence is excluded, this means we do not have to take court proceedings in order to secure an eviction.”

Hollie says she left her previous flat in Cliftonville due to issues with the property. She said she did not feel it was safe to stay in with mould, plumbing issues and part of the ceiling falling through, particularly as both she and her daughter have been diagnosed with asthma. The circumstances were disputed by the landlord and a council housing inspection concluded the flat was habitable.

Hollie says she handed in her notice because of her concerns and slept on the floor of a relative’s home.

She said: “I left my flat in June 2023 due to major health and safety issues. I moved in with family but then we had to leave because they were moving to a smaller property.

“I was sent to Maidstone then moved into shared housing October 2023. Then in January 2024 I was moved into a two bedroom flat that is temporary accommodation.

“Now I have received an email from the council with a notice saying I have until 26th May to leave.”

Hollie says the notice to ‘terminate her licence’ means she and her daughter will again face sofa-surfing or sleeping on the street as housing benefit does not cover the cost of private rents and after two years of looking she has still had no success in securing a property.

She added: “I have nowhere to go and no-one can help. I’ve tried everything but I can’t afford private (renting).

“I haven’t even got family who can help because they have moved to smaller places.”

Excluded licence

Hollie is not protected under the eviction act because her temporary housing comes under an excluded licence. This means the landlord does not have to give notice and there is no requirement to obtain a possession order from a court to lawfully evict, they can simply take possession of the premises.

People placed in interim accommodation while a local authority is carrying out inquires into their homelessness application will be an excluded occupier.

Thanet council

A Thanet council spokesperson said: “”While we are unable to comment on specific cases for reasons of confidentiality, households that find themselves at risk of homelessness should always contact our Housing Options team as soon as possible.

“When a resident is housed in temporary accommodation, investigations are undertaken to determine the reason for their homelessness, and whether they qualify for longer-term housing.

“A resident may be found to have made themselves intentionally homeless for a number of reasons, such as having turned down suitable housing, non-payment of rent or antisocial behaviour.

“When a resident in temporary accommodation is found to have made themselves intentionally homeless, they will be given reasonable notice to leave the property.

“The resident will then need to source their own accommodation within the private sector. There is also an option to register on the council’s social housing list by signing up to Kent Homechoice.

“We also refer cases involving children to Kent County Council’s Children’s Services team which has an on-going duty of care regarding children’s welfare.”

If the council decides someone is intentionally homeless, there is only be a duty, if they are in priority need, to provide temporary accommodation for a short term period so they can make arrangements to find somewhere else to live.

Challenge a housing decision

To fight a finding of being intentionally homeless you need to ask the housing officer to write down their decision in a decision letter and then ask the council to review.

If this fails you could make an appeal. This is an application to the county court for the court to decide if the decision made by the council about your homelessness application is wrong according to the law. This will require legal help.

Housing register and LHA rates

There are currently 1907 households (as of April 25) on the council’s housing waiting list.

People in receipt of housing benefit will be entitled to help with rent costs, however these are capped at Local Housing Allowance rates.

The monthly LHA rates are:

Shared accommodation £378.95

1 bedroom £576.25

2 bedrooms £747.93

3 bedrooms £897.52

4 bedrooms £1146.86

Although LHA rates were raised in April private rents generally still exceed them.

Get advice on your housing rights

Shelter – You can call Shelter’s free housing advice helpline on: 0808 800 4444. The line is open from 8am-8pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on weekends, 365 days a year.

Calls are free from UK landlines and all major UK mobile operators. There’s also a webchat service on their website.

Shelter also has advice centres in England where you can go to get personal, face-to-face advice from a housing specialist.

Civil Legal Advice is a service that provides some free legal advice over the phone, funded by the government. To see if you qualify go to

You need to be on a low income with either a small amount or no savings to be entitled to this help.

Citizens Advice – Scroll down their homepage to search for a CAB near you:


  1. All the fuss about getting rid of Sec21 ( labelled as no fault by many) and yet i’ve never heard a whimper about getting rid of evictions such as in this instance and any other covered under an “excluded licence”.

    In the current rental market this young lady would have a great deal of trouble getting a tenancy even if she could afford one. Any sensible landlord does a google search on prospective tenants and in this instance it would raise more than a few red flags from this article alone.

  2. Never, ever, make yourself “intentionally homeless”. It will lead to all sorts of dreadful problems later.

  3. It’s quite possible that a woman has a child with a partner in an apparently stable relationship. Reasonable income, nice house mortgaged.
    Then something happens .. maybe the husband runs off with another woman, stops paying the mortgage, stops paying the bills.
    And next thing, she and her family are homeless.

    • Really? Where is father to help his child and take some responsibility instead of leaving it to a young girl and State to sort out

  4. Just to be clear, with a young child, they do have a duty of care despite the intentional homelessness decision. Contact Shelter and get some good legal advice and make sure you challenge them. I used to work for a Kent Council Homeless Team, so proper Legal guidance is your best bet. P.s they might use the threat of ‘well we will out your child into care’. Don’t be scared by that as their primary duty is to keep a family together. Dont trust anything they say, don’t sofa surf as they will try to make you stay there. Refuse to leave the council office and call the Police if they do not put you in TA. Get everything in writing. Contact CHAC also , Canterbury Housing Advice Centre also. Remember, if they can make you go away they will. Some of the Housing Officer will be great, but the system will not help unless they have no choice.

    • Why, maybe no well worded, but there’s a responsibility associated with bringing a child into the world and that responsibility primarily lies with the parents, it’s not a decision to be made lightly with the expectation of the rest of society picking up the pieces because of a poor decision making.
      If society throws bucket loads of cash at people in this sort of situation it’ll become the norm for some to have children they have no means to support in order to benefit from state support. As such the generosity needs to be severely limited.

  5. So how is it, we can house ILLEGAL Immigrants, that have not contributed to our Country, in any way, yet this poor mother and child, is being evicted from here home, needlessly, I must say, for wanting the Best for her child, Shame on you Thanet Council, but what can you expect from a Labour run Council.

    • Yeah because under the Tory led council there was never anything like this happening, in fact if you bother to read the article it says that she left her previous flat in June 2023 because of issues with it that were not being fixed, Labour took over in May 2023, so unless all these issues happened in that one month it is down to the TORY council not doing anything for her. Get your racist, uninformed head out the clouds. I agree shame on the TORY council at the time letting this happen!

    • My goodness me, so much stupidity in one comment, it is hard to know where to begin.

      Firstly, there is no such thing as an ‘illegal’ immigrant, no matter how much you, Rishi, Suella or any other monster would like to believe there is. Even the most perfunctory research would have informed you of this point.

      Secondly, your assertion that this is what you can expect from a Labour run council would be hysterical, were it not so a) ill-informed and b) plain idiotic.

      Local authorities are on their knees financially due the cuts imposed upon them by central government. The economy is in tatters, thanks to central government and this makes everything, including homeless people, infinitely more expensive/difficult. Now, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Conservatives have been in power for 14, almost 15 years now. During this time, homelessness has rapidly increased nationally, standard of living has significantly decreased nationally and, whilst promising to “stop the boats”, only because they think it is a vote winner with a certain type of person, they have singularly failed to do so in spectacular fashion. To top it all off, the ‘Rwanda Plan’, which I’m sure you’re in total support of, will cost £1.8 million per immigrant the government sends there.

      Now, I am no economist, but I reckon you could probably house an awful lot of people like Hollie and her daughter for that kind of money, don’t you?

      Try not to believe everything you read in the Daily Mail, Tripod (Tripe-Odd seems more fitting).

      • Do a web search for

        Iregular or unlawful entryand arrival, published by the home office on 30th april 2024

        Semantics of language aside there is such a thing as illegal migration.

        I would post a link but the IoTN seems to block posts with them.

        • The Home Office is directly responsible for the internationally condemned Rwanda Plan. As sources for justification go, they’re not a good one. Amnesty International, the United Nations and the European Union also vehemently disagree with this point, so this isn’t really a case of semantics.

          Let’s not forget that atrocities such as the holocaust were “legitimised” by the incumbent government of Germany by passing spurious laws to make those acts “legal”.

          Besides the above, everyone with a modicum of sense knows just how hard this government has made it for immigrants to arrive through the “legal” or “traditional” routes, which is why they risk their lives in small boats crossing the channel.

          • I was merely pointing out that your statement “there is no such thing” is incorrect. That you disagree with the law as it stands is another matter, as are the opinions of those you state vehemently disagree with said laws.
            By all means state you disagree with something but to state that something doesn’t exist is little more than opinionated bullying.
            My previous reply has again fallen foul of moderation for some reason.

          • You haven’t got any comments in moderation – ah, found it in spam. No idea why it’s there

          • You would also find , if you’d bothered to google the phrase suggested, that the law hasn’t changed, the document referred to is guidance on the application of legislation enacted in 1971, aimed largely at Border Force staff to assist them in using the legislation correctly.

        • Again, as previously stated for the wilfully ignorant, the government has changed the law to suit its agenda. A tactic employed by nasty regimes for centuries. If you’re daft enough to accept such blatant manipulation, more fool you. Those of with a brain cell count above double digits aren’t so easily fooled.

          By your logic, the “final solution to the Jewish problem” was a totally legitimate course of action, by virtue of the laws passed to try and legitimise such crimes against humanity.

          As with all things in life, there is what is legal and what is moral. Ones morals should be of a higher standard than what is legal. Ultimately, you have to live with yourself and, if you can, good luck to you.

          • Would seem you’ve just proved -Godwins Law – of internet debate. Effectively another way of trying to bully people into submission by using comparison s to the atrocities of the 1930’s/40’s.

            It’s the common problem of modern politics, the extreme of each side shouting over the rest of the population in the middle ground and the disdain shown for their concerns, as shown by Gordon Brown with his “ bigotted woman” comment , the cries of xenophobia and racism in respect of Brexit. Fortunately the middle ground is a little more level headed and thinks a bit more before casting their vote.
            We’ve probably all noted the silence around gender issues of late, purely because politicians know that the vast majority of the population have no real issue with someone choosing their gender , but they do have issues with the way it’s also changing the world we live in. Politicians really don’t want to get caught up in that debate.
            Additionally these extremes sometimes choose to give blanket descriptors for the likes of landlords, bamkers, water companies, but then don’t like it when this approach is applied to ( in this instance young mothers), again their is nuance in every situation but you can’t pick and choose how you apply your personal set of values and deny the right of others to do the same.

      • Just let them keep coming then? No checks on who they are, just let them take whatever is on offer. Excellent plan…..Typical leftie!!

  6. For “do gooder” read “good people, not revolting people”.

    You must have had a dismal life experience for this to be your outlook. I pity you.

    • As retorts go, it’s up there with “I know you are, you said you are, but what am I?” I’m clearly in the presence of a intellectual dynamo…

      Clearly, you think you see what is around you, but you’ve been blinded by the hatred and bile you’ve been force fed by the government, client journalists and right-wing shills looking to make money out hatred. Best of luck with that!

  7. Not at all, I knew my own mind before the tories, all I am saying is people should think before they act and that the people who don’t are usually the ones who think we owe them a living . If they can’t afford to feed the kids don’t have them and think before you jump in the sack with the first person who comes along.

    • So you’ve always been ignorant and hate-filled, thanks for the clarification.

      Your assumptions about people who find themselves in difficult circumstances are shameful. You know nothing about the individual in the story, yet impose your own bigoted views on them, rather than show empathy.

      Your assumption that all single parents must be scroungers only shows your profound ignorance. People find themselves in difficult circumstances for a range of good reasons. And yes, there are also those who are in a difficult situation of their own making. But, even in these situations, where there are children involved (who are always innocent), ensuring they get support is the only decent thing to be done.

      For the record, I’m a father of three, both my partner and I work, earn well and pay a huge amount in tax and NI every month. I sincerely hope some of it goes towards helping people like Hollie and her daughter. I wish them the very best.

  8. It must be exhausting being as hate-filled and demented as you, Anon. Is your life really that bad that you need to seek comfort in cruelty towards those in need? Truly, I pity you.

  9. Can someone remove Anon from this as with these sorts of messages and views he should not be given a platform that people including children and young people can access. I myself am facing homelessness to and the lack process is so stressful and scary.!we need to support each other. Do you know her personally her circumstances NO but beacuse you belive your better than her you therefore have the right to look down and dictate her future. Everyone who is supporting her and also challenging this person is amazing

    • I see what you’re saying, Trixir, but let’s not censor these people. Let the world see what ignorance and idiocy looks like, and let’s tackle them head on. They’re entitled to their opinions, no matter how revolting and ill-founded they are. Just as we’re entitled to tackle them and show them up for exactly what they are.

      Let’s be honest, their opinions rarely hold up to even the most gentle scrutiny. And that’s assuming that they’ve successfully constructed sentences that allow for scrutiny.

  10. Hey Hollie,

    Stay strong. Definitely fight for your rights. The social housing could easily re-home you. There’s so many properties not being used in the UK, why not make them into social housing. Everyone deserves a home no matter what. I truly hope that you and your daughter get some assistance. Hollie I wish you and your daughter the very best. Believe me I’ve been there too. Keep everything in writing and definitely the advice in the post by the person who used to work for Kent Council is a good start to work from. You are still entitled to receive housing as your in a very vulnerable situation. They have to help. In most cases they will put you in touch with charity that will help you. The important thing is to keep yourself and daughter safe. Always trust your instincts. If it doesn’t seem right definitely stick to your guns! All the best honey

  11. There are third world countries that do not afflict the issues caused by 14 years of Tory government, it’s a disgrace. We want a voice on the world stage, want to be taken seriously by other major countries, give so much aid to causes abroad but can’t get our own house in order. Disgraceful Tories.

    • But those third world countries aren’t likely to have a national health service, social housing , a generous bemefit system, so its hardly a case of a fair comparison, would you choose to live in such a place? Huge numbers of those living in such countries don’t and make huge efforts to get to countries like the UK, which rather suggests things are much better here. ( how many 3rd world / developing countries have you been to?)
      However that said, labour will be in No.10 by this time next year so we can all look forward to the green fields of the land of milk and honey, or not depending on how real world realities dictate the directions they take.

      • The NHS which has been decimated and don’t forget dentistry, we no longer have sufficient social housing as Thatcher wanted it all sold off so rich tory 2 plus home owners could charge what they want from the social security system to get even wealthier. Although I believe In capitalism, there should be some checks and measures to prevent the abuse of the social system. The Tories have gone completely the other way now where people that genuinely need help cannot even get it.

  12. James – I think you are being unreasonable. I think that if this young lady doesn’t have the power of clairvoyance and was not able to see into the future when she had children, to know – perhaps from dreams or visions – that she might one day be homeless – then it is her own doing.
    Obviously that is all sarcasm – James makes excellent points of course, but they will fall on deaf ears on KOL where people would rather sympathise with the stance of their government than have any sympathy for someone who is homeless.
    Also – FATC – I used to work in Homelessness and Housig and actually worked for a Kent authority – I rarely saw immigrants ‘being housed’ Most of the homeless were local.

  13. I hope Holly is helped to find a suitable home in which to bring up her daughter. Children need security and a stressed mother will find it challenging to care for her child in these difficult circumstances. TDC needs to get their act together to help this young woman and her child ASAP.

  14. Today’s the 26th May, eviction day. Hope someone has helped Hollie as there hasn’t been any updates. Will be very bad if she’s out on the streets

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