Captain Wonderweb brings esteem machine to Northdown Primary School

Captain Wonderweb and the Esteem Machine at Northdown Primary

Pupils at Northdown Primary School, Margate, were treated to an NHS- funded mental health workshop this week when Captain Wonderweb and the Esteem Machine visited.

Each year group from Reception to Year 6 took turns in joining Captain Wonderweb and his side kick to learn all about physical and mental health. As one character became a little too dependent on electronic devices, the children were encouraged to suggest alternative ways of staying healthy.

Booked as part of the school’s commitment to promoting good mental health, the pupils joined in with dances and songs during the colourful show.

The message hit home, with nine-year-old Cooper promising to “do more exercise as it is good for your mental and physical health.”

Likewise, fellow pupil Julia, age 9, saw the benefits of taking a “break from technology.”

PSHE Lead, Christina Goldsmith, who organised the workshop,  explained the impact on the youngsters: “Children hear messages about technology being bad for them, but this show really helped them to understand that what is needed is a balance. They enjoyed the interactive nature of the performance as it gave them the chance to get up and move about whilst also learning an important message.”