Thanet Independent Group’s Trevor Shonk takes seat in Ramsgate Town Council Northwood ward by-election

Cllr Trevor Shonk

Thanet Independents Group candidate Trevor Shonk has won the Northwood ward seat in the Ramsgate Town Council by-election.

The seat became vacant following the sad death of Kay Dark (Labour) who had been elected last year.

The by-election polls opened yesterday (May 2) with two candidates, Trevor Shonk (TIG) and Gita Sahni (Labour). The count took place at Thanet council’s office this morning.

Gita Sahni  polled 457 votes. Trevor Shonk gained 566 votes and takes the seat. Turn out was 21%.

Cllr Shonk was elected to the county council as a Ramsgate representative on a Tory ticket in 2021.

The former Ramsgate mayor had been a member of UKIP prior to joining the Conservatives.

Last November he and fellow Conservative county councillor Linda Wright were suspended from the Tories for defying a party line on housing policy.

At the time defiant Cllr Shonk said he wouldn’t “grovel” to be accepted back into the Tory fold.

Both members had sided with a Green Party motion on KCC’s policy regarding developer money put towards community improvement, known as section 106 contributions, as part of planning permissions.

The Tory group had voted to oppose the motion in advance of full council but Cllrs Wright and Shonk had decided to go against the party line.

In March this year he quit the Tory Party and joined Thanet Independent Group.

Ramsgate Town Council is now made up of 12 Labour Councillors; 2 Green Councillors; 1 Conservative Councillor and 1 TIG.


      • Andrew- The entire turnout consisted of 21% of the local electorate. 1,O23 people actually voted – 566 for Trevor Shonk, 457 for Gita Sahni. So Mr. Shonk was voted for by about 12% of the voters, and Ms Sahni by the other 9%.

      • Andrew, you need to take maths lessons and also know how to use the English language correctly – you missed an important detail viz. that 79% of the electorate did not vote.
        Do you know the likely voting intentions of that 79%? Of course you do not!

        • The decision whether there will be an airport at Manston will not be made by the voters.

    • If the pro-airport voters had shown their support by flying from Mandton when it was open, it wouldn’t have closed.
      But these keen aviators either chose not to fly, or to fly from Gatwick or somewhere.

  1. Same people every time. Even when new people stand for election our local residents just prefer to vote in the same old characters and then moan and whinge when nothing changes.

    Go figure.

  2. Really good to meet Mr Shonk and his friend at the Polling Station yesterday. They were really persuasive in getting my vote – while the Labour representative just sat there and said nothing.
    The Thanet Independents clearly wanted it more given their hard work at the Polling Station which was great to see.

    • I thought it wasn’t allowed for political party candidates to seek to influence voters on the way into the polling station. Sure they can ask them how they voted on the way out (although you are not obliged to tell them) but you shouldn’t have been “persuaded” to vote for him on the way in.

    • I thought it was against electoral law for candidates and their supporters to campaign at the Polling Station – will there be an investigation into this?

      • Someone someone using a pseudonym demanding an investigation, because of something stated by someone using a pseudonym?

        One suspects the police might want something a bit more concrete than that.

    • Someone should inform the police. It’s illegal to talk to voters on a polling station to try and persuade them to vote. Was no-one trying to stop him? He could get prosecuted for this.

  3. You have to admire anyone who stands up for their principals, regardless of the consequences. So well done Trevor for having previously voted for what you considered best for this area. That is what all councillors should do and why I so oppose political parties in local councils.

  4. I’m glad Trevor won it only because he is pro Manston Airport, however make no mistake I’m no Tory. To be honest when I saw a photo of Jenny Dawes some weeks ago and it said her age was 77, I was appalled that Labour councillors are happy to let Dawes be the mouthpiece ( aged 77 years old) while the stayed huddled in the background and happy to let Dawes take all the flack over not wanting the airport. I think Dawes has been misled into firing the bullets that others have made for their own ends.

    • I have no doubt whatsoever that Ms Dawes, irrespective of her age, decided to launch the JR and the associated crowd funding of her own volition.

    • So you are happy with 78 year old Freudman acting as frontman for anonymous off-shore investor, backed by his 80 year old MP friend ??!!

      • It was a joke, you soppy old fool. If I meant it, I wouldn’t have bought tickets to see 85-year-old Marty Wilde or 82-year-old Paul Jones for gigs in the near future.

    • Shonk is not a Tory Bill. He is a cynical serial political switcher. He was elected to Kent County Council as UKIP in 2013 and 2017. By 2021 he was a Tory. Probably because he knew he stood a better chance as a Tory than one of the new “Independents” the old UKIP were calling themselves. Shame on him for changing again just in time to get elected to another council as an “Independent”. Watch this space to see what he calls himself when the Kent elections come around again next time. He won’t want to lose his nice little earner.

  5. Yes especially when Ramsgate Town Council said “ Go on Jenny you tell ‘em “ we will give you £10,000 of taxpayers money to
    “get you going” shameful.

    • Apparently not.
      After RTC made the offer, a UKIP Councillor, Stuart Piper, made a formal complaint. The complaint was rejected.
      The tax payers of Ramsgate were so stirred up that they booted Piper out at the local elections, and re-elected all the councillors who’d supported the JR.

        • And threw out the pro-airport UKIP, rejected the Tories, and voted in the anti-airport Labour candidates.
          Remind me: we do have a Labour TDC, don’t we?

  6. Hardly a decisive vote on 21% and knowing Trevor,I think those who believe he is pro Manston airport ought to think again, he is but only up to a point.He is anti Thanet Parkway,Ms Pink/Checksfield, and if he thought that the airport would do harm to Ramsgate he would change his mind He is pro Ramsgate first,last, and always.
    As for Jenny Dawes, the abuse and threats she has received,is shameful.I don’t care if she is 77 or 27, you restrain your baser instincts and argue your case rather than beat up on a woman. Frankly, those that do it are lower than worms.

    • It’s an even less decisive vote for Labour, LOL!!!

      (As for Ms. Dawes, she’s probably a bit young for you. So eyes off!)

      • I wonder why Kathy Bailes allows Peter Checksfield to continue posting his obnoxious comments here. I am not the only person who thinks they should be banned.

  7. Thanet should be proud of itself for bucking the national trend, something that will very likely be repeated in the general election.

    • George Nokes-I expect quite a lot of readers here are tired of seeing Peter Checksfield’s misogynistic and offensive comments.

  8. I do wonder what goes on in your head.Firstly,you say that I am 12, now you infer that I am over 80, neither of which is true.Then you make some salacious remark based on that false assumption.If you knew Jenny Dawes, you would know that she is a kind and empathetic person,quite unlike yourself from the evidence of your constant simple minded posts.
    As for Labour,I am sure they can spare the odd Town Council berth for Trevor,he’s afterall an old friend of the council.
    If I were to rely on between predictions on what might happen at the next general election and those of say, Professor Curtice, I know what I might rely on Remember Trevor is no longer a Tory,so a win for the current Govt based on the safe of Birchington’s evidence, would be on the same level as expecting the Titanic to dock in New York around the same time.

  9. Ms Pink Shonk voted in with 55.33% of a 21% turn out, 11.6% of total possible vote hardly a landslide ? So that means 88.4% didn’t vote for him yet you seem to be claiming it as some sort of win for the pro airport lobby. If there was the support you claim you would expect a much higher turnout? My thoughts only 😊

    • By the same token, surely you’d expect a higher turnout so that a pro airport candidate would NOT win?

  10. My guess is that he got in as his name is fairly well known amongst the local community rather than basing it on support or otherwise of thr airport.

  11. Rammo Jammo. Labour said nothing because it’s illegal to influence voters on their way into the Polling Station. You’ve just shown us what underhand tactics this group will sink to.

  12. Excellent news, only another 4 seats to wrest from the pro-Zionist party’s control.

    Well done Trevor!

    As for the spurious post by Rammo Jammo it’s sad to see that Labour has taken this so badly.

    I remember Former Labour Leader Iris Johnston being ever so kind and helping a person to vote by actually taking them into the booth.

    I also recall an attempt by Rammo Jammo and friends to try and scupper a candidate during an election with a dodgy tape. Do you remember that Will Scobie?

    The current Labour Party in Thanet are back allegedly bullying and losing their rag again.

    • Don’t even no what a Zionist is.
      I voted for Trev.
      He’ll sort the potholes out and get the planes flying again!

  13. Remember the tory cllrs in TDC insider trading with sales of property for personal gain, tory cllr telling an independent cllr hope you die of aids, tory cllrs and MPs manipulating votes to save Manston multiple times failed airfield, and more. Think we can agree TDC it cllrs and MPs need disbanding and thanet to be taken in by Dover or Canterbury, or split it between both.

    • Thanet councillors guilty are doing insider trading ….NEVER!!!

      Perhaps you should tell the police about that, oh wait, they already know and choose to look the other way … they pick and choose who they want to arrest, and mostly it’s the little man on the street.

      Maybe arrange for the councillors to walk down Cliftonville high street with a £10 bag of spice ….the police would be all over them like a hot potato!!

      You’ll get a lot of seals on here clapping too that a victim of social and economic oppression has been arrested.

  14. This is a very nasty comment, but hey ho, no surprises from the aviation fumes inhalers. Of course, the comment will not be removed, as controversy is good for some websites.

  15. When Trevor Shonk was in Ukip he was referred to as the village idiot for his inability to answer direct questions. He would always say, “Martyn Heale would know the answer”.

    • Polly and Helen can’t even tell us their stance on the airport, arguably the biggest question of all for Thanet eleectoral candidates.

  16. Great to see so many independents doing so well across the country!

    It shows many people are waking up and understanding just how dishonestly corrupt the red blue yellow and green camps are!

    Remember when labour was run “for and by” working-class people …. Nowadays, it’s another arm of the lefty commie woke die your hair blue and chop your bits off brigade!! Now run by Keir “The Pedo Protector” Starmer.

    Appreciate the cognitive dissonance is still strong in many … but I’m hopeful more and more intelligent people are waking up every day.

  17. What have Lord Houchen and shonk got in common?
    Both are prepared hide their political affiliation to further their personal ambition.
    Why no official Conservative candidate in Northwood, is it the old trick of standing as independent?

  18. Some while ago, “Ms Pink” posted a link to the IoTN’s new rules for making comments.
    Here they are:
    “Commenting policy
    The Isle of Thanet News is happy to have a comments section for you to share your views on an article.

    But please be mindful when posting that you don’t submit comments that are inappropriate -abusive, offensive, hateful, racist, homophobic etc. These comments will be removed and users could be banned.

    We have a zero-tolerance approach to user-to-user personal abuse and will bar any commentator who verbally abuses another user. This does not mean we will bar a person for simply disagreeing with another’s view.

    Please do not derail the conversation for off topic discussion.

    Please do not post personal information (either your own or someone else’s)

    Do not post anything that is illegal, defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation), in contempt of court impersonates someone else – especially another user – with disruptive intent. These comments will be removed.”

    Unfortunately, examples of these simple and basic rules being broken litter these pages, mostly as a consequence of the postings of a handful of people.
    This makes for unpleasant reading for many of us. I imagine, too, that the personal attacks leveled at those having a different opinion deterrs many from posting at all.

  19. I just want people to wake up. What they’re doing here in the UK they are doing across the world. They intentionally destabilise countries with ward, destroy economies , peoples well being and Everything that’s happening is by design. Covid should have been the biggest wake up call for humanity , look what they did to us.!!

    • So, Joe, what are YOUR thoughts on the eleection result? Or, are you only capable of whining about others?

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