Three men arrested following discovery of cannabis farm in Ramsgate

Cannabis plants discovered in Ramsgate raid

Three men have been arrested after more than 1,000 cannabis plants were seized at a cultivation in Ramsgate.

Kent Police carried out a drugs warrant at a commercial unit off Haine Road this morning (May 1).

During the visit, three people were seen leaving the back of the building and were detained by officers.

Inside the premises, police found more than 1,500 plants which were seized along with cultivation equipment.

UK Power Networks also attended to help make the scene safe, following concerns the electricity to the building had been tampered with.

Three men, aged 33, 43, and 48, have been arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and abstracting electricity and taken into custody while enquiries continue.


  1. Will they get a smack or accept £3k to leave the UK with flights paid for and subsidised accommodation in a foreign country. ? Well at least it would be cheeper than keeping them in a UK prison for 5 years

    • Demonstrably, Ramsgate doesn’t reek of weed. Hang on .. I’ll just check ….
      [A moment later]

      … I’ve popped my head out of the window. I can smell roses in the garden, newly cut grass down the park. I can’t smell anything untoward, like cannabis.
      One has to wonder: however it can be that wherever you go in Ramsgate, you can smell weed?

      • Two particular hotspots – King Street from Trove Court area to Boundary Road being one. The other is the stretch from King George VI park to the Granville.

        Yes, they more often than not stink of weed.

  2. So another drug factory in Ramsgate is found when will the government relies that there’s good money to be earned. Let’s make it legal and put the money into the NHS many other countries earn a fortune from making cannabis legal it’s time we did the same.

  3. If they could grow food as well as they grow puff there would never be anyone starving in the world that’s for sure.

  4. So cops shut down a local but naughty business, roger roger over Wilko Wilko…

  5. Fabio Maloku, Shkeizen Vata, and Zylfi Hata.

    Isn’t multiculturalism and migrancy wonderful.

    Why are nearly all news sites omitting the names of this filth?

  6. I expect there are plenty of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish people selling drugs in Britain.

    Multiculturalism is not a bad thing in itself.

    • Well done, those people in Margate who have (at least temporarily) prevented asylum seekers currently living there from being taken to the Bibby Stockholm barge- which is miles away from Margate. There are currently a lot of depressingly racist and unsympathetic comments on the IoTN, and it’s good to read something positive for a change.

  7. Last moan of the day from me so Ramsgate smells of weed OK it does smell like cat’s wee and if your a weed smoker it’s even worse as it extra strong smelling I know a few shops have put notices in the window saying if they smell weed on you you won’t be served as it stinks the shop out and shoppers leave the shop it does stink and hang around it’s time for the laws to be Updated and enforced act now and maybe just maybe many lives could be so much happier and the cost to the NHS could be reduce and money saved can be spent elsewhere.

  8. Another space in Ramsgate being used for Arty farty and “woke” shenanigans.

    Ramsgate Council should quickly get the space and try to lease it as a new vape shop or even a second Witha Spoons.

    The peoples have spoken.

    • ““woke” shenanigans.”

      We get it. You’re anti woke, ergo, pro racism, pro systemic injustice.

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