Golden oldie cat spends nearly 200 days at Thanet RSPCA branch waiting for forever home

Judy is waiting for a new home

The RSPCA is appealing for a special home for a senior cat who was rescued after her previous owners moved away and sadly left her behind.

Judy is a 16-year-old tabby and white cat who came into the care of the RSPCA Woodchurch Animal Centre in Birchington, Kent, in November last year.

The sweet cat has been looking for a new home and a cosy retirement pad for 198 days and counting.

Hannah White, from the RSPCA Isle of Thanet branch, said: “Sadly, Judy’s owner could no longer keep her and so they rehomed her to what they thought was a loving, new home but unfortunately, the new owners moved away and left poor Judy behind.

“She was found straying and taken to a vet who then contacted the RSPCA for help. It’s a heartbreaking story, especially for a senior cat like Judy.”

The staff and volunteers at the animal centre found that Judy loved being in the reception area so that she can be with people all the time and help to greet any visitors.

Hannah added: “She’s certainly the boss of reception now – even letting us know to move her into patches of sun whilst she’s snoozing on her very own desk chair!

“She’s been with us for many months where she has proven to be an absolutely wonderful cat who loves human company. She is a sweet and gentle soul who appreciates the best things in life; long and cosy snoozes, sunbathing, watching the world go by, company and essential strokes and fuss.

“We are all very much smitten with Judy, but we would really love for her to be able to retire from her reception duties and live out her remaining years in a sun patch at home.”

Judy enjoys a quieter pace of life and has some mobility issues, she is on an early renal diet, and has medication for her hyperthyroidism which she happily takes via a syringe.

Judy would prefer to be the only cat in the home and would prefer not to live with a dog. However, she could live with families who have primary school aged children or older, and although she will likely spend more time inside, she would like access to some outdoor space. She is also looking for an owner who will be around a good part of the day to keep her company.

This year the RSPCA celebrates its 200th year of changing industries, laws, minds, and animals’ lives. To mark this anniversary the animal welfare charity wants to inspire one million people to join their movement to improve animals’ lives.

As part of its celebrations, the RSPCA recently revealed that in the ten years up until the end of 2022 the RSPCA along with its branch partners found new homes for a staggering 17,319 animals in Kent.

If you have a Judy-sized hole in your family, please find more information on how to adopt her here. For more information on all the pets available for adoption, visit:


  1. What sort of scum bag, moves and just leaves a cat to fend for itself. Hope the cat finds a home a deserves.

  2. Hi Kathy. It would be nice to know if a new home is found for her. If it was possible I would have her like a shot but I have a Westie who hates cats. Please let us know. A photo with her new, mum, dad or family would be great.

  3. How rotten can people be. Judy has feelings too. We took in 2 cats which had been left behind but sadly were both FIV positive and poorly and were put to sleep by vet. Hope Judy secures a loving home soon so she can retire in style with food in her tummy and the sun on her back. Good luck Judy xx

  4. what nasty cruel scum those new owners are.just look at judy she is so cute i would love to take her on but i have 2cats of my own.i realy hope a kind loveing family give judy her forever home its so sad how they could leev her all on her own.thank god for the rspca thank you so mutch for taking sutch good care of judy i just love her little face she is so so cute bless her i hope the so called new owners get prosecutid for leeving judy behind the scum bags.

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